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Celebrating Teachers Who Brand A Deviation Amongst Google

For most of us, there’s at to the lowest degree i instructor whose cite nosotros volition never forget—that favorite instructor who made a divergence inward our education, whether they were our starting fourth dimension degree fine art instructor or a professor inward college. For me, that instructor was Ms. Taylor, my eighth degree scientific discipline teacher. Ms. Taylor didn't simply foster my honey of science—she understood that eighth degree tin ship away move a tough fourth dimension for students every bit they endeavor to navigate social cliques too produce for the pressure level of high school. Ms. Taylor knew that taking the fourth dimension to inquire us if nosotros were feeling okay was simply every bit of import every bit teaching us well-nigh geological formations. She didn’t simply tending well-nigh teaching us—she really cared well-nigh us every bit people.

This Fri is World Teachers' Day, too nosotros desire to accolade the teachers similar Ms. Taylor who helped brand us the people nosotros are today. We’ve long supported didactics through technology, offering gratis tools similar cost-efficient devices similar Chromebooks. But it’s the teachers who actually brand the divergence yesteryear creatively incorporating that applied scientific discipline into their classrooms. As applied scientific discipline usage inward schools increases, nosotros require heed fifty-fifty to a greater extent than amazing stories well-nigh how teachers too students are using our products to foster collaborative learning.

And that usage is growing quickly. As of today, to a greater extent than than xx meg students, faculty too staff worldwide occupation Google Apps for Education. In addition, inward the concluding twelvemonth nosotros announced that:
  • 400+ universities are posting lectures and/or total courses online using YouTube Edu
  • 600,000 staff from the Philippines Department of Education volition straightaway move using Google Apps
  • Universities across the continents are signing upwards for Apps, including schools inward Spain, the Netherlands and Africa
  • More than 500 schools too districts went dorsum to schoolhouse amongst Chromebooks this fall
  • Seven of the viii Ivy League universities too 72 of this year’s transcend 100 USA universities (as determined yesteryear 2013 USA News too World Report’s ranking) have gone Google amongst Google Apps for Education
As a tribute to the educators who are putting these tools to work, this calendar week we’ll move highlighting a few amazing teachers on our Google inward Education page on Google+. To kicking off the series, nosotros desire to celebrate Ms. Kornowski—a scientific discipline instructor at Kettle-Moraine High School inward Wales, WI, who is using Google Forms to convey her students together.

To all the Ms. Taylors too Ms. Kornowskis out there—thank you, both for the positive touching on y'all accept on your students too for letting Google move a purpose of that experience.


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