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Celebrating Our History, Accomplishments Together With Community During Dark History Month

If yous walk downwards the halls of our New York office, yous mightiness larn something nearly the history of technology. This month, our walls showcase the contributions of Black inventors inwards science, technology, applied scientific discipline as well as mathematics inwards celebration of Black History Month.

Black History Month, which is every Feb inwards the U.S., provides us with an chance to recognize the history as well as multifariousness of the communities where nosotros operate. Yesterday, our midwestern Googlers listened to the music of Michigan’s entirely Black as well as Latino Orchestra as well as side past times side week, Dr. Clarence Jones volition move speaking to our Bay-area Googlers nearly writing Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. This is simply a little sampling of the dozens of celebrations Googlers are hosting all calendar month long.

Black History Month besides gives us a ask a chance to celebrate the multifariousness of our Googlers as well as highlight some ways nosotros operate with underrepresented groups. One of my favorite examples is the storey of the Black Googlers Network (BGN). In June 2006, a grouping of Googlers looking to connect as well as foster community alongside Black colleagues got together to exercise an internal networking group. The Black Googlers Network started every bit a mailing list, but chop-chop grew into much more. Passionate nearly growing the side past times side generation of Black leaders inwards the engineering industry, BGN partnered with our academy programs squad to strengthen our relationships with Historically Black Colleges as well as Universities (HBCUs). As a result, we’ve non entirely increased our recruiting presence at these schools, but are at in ane lawsuit besides partnering with HBCU faculty to railroad train STEM (science, technology, applied scientific discipline as well as math) curriculum, encouraging to a greater extent than students to pursue degrees inwards these areas as well as gear upwards them for careers inwards technology.

Members of our BGN are besides shaping the means nosotros exercise business. In May of 2009, 2 recent grads inwards our Ann Arbor utilisation saw an opportunity, as well as what started every bit an sentiment bounced some betwixt 2 twenty-somethings turned into an official Google program. The sentiment was to assistance minority-owned little businesses grow their online presence and, simply a few months later, the sentiment became a reality when Accelerate with Google officially launched. The plan has since grown into a squad of several dozen Googlers, all working to acquire small, minority-owned businesses online as well as helping those trouble concern owners connect with ane another.

Our passionate Googlers, similar those behind BGN as well as Accelerate, permit us to meliorate connect with the Black community as well as assistance to exercise an inclusive as well as various workplace. As nosotros throw dozens of celebrations some the province inwards our Atlanta, Chicago, Ann Arbor, New York, Los Angeles as well as Mountain View offices to grade Black History Month, nosotros invite yous to bring together us past times next our Google for Students as well as Life at Google pages on Google+, where we’ll move hosting photos, recaps as well as hangouts throughout the month.


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