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Celebrating Half-Dozen Students Receiving The Ap-Google Journalism & Technology Scientific Discipline Scholarship

Last summer, we announced a articulation scholarship computer programme for aspiring journalists amongst the Associated Press, administered past times the Online News Association. Congratulations to the six students who volition each endure receiving $20,000 to pursue degrees that prevarication at the intersection of journalism, reckoner scientific discipline too novel media:
  • Emily Eggleston, 24, graduate pupil at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, studying journalism too geography.
  • Reginald James, 30, undergraduate pupil at the University of California, Berkeley, studying political scientific discipline too African American studies.
  • Katie Zhu, 20, undergraduate at Northwestern University, studying reckoner scientific discipline too journalism.
  • Rebecca Rolfe, 25, graduate pupil at the Georgia Institute of Technology, studying digital media.
  • Kevin Schaul, 20, undergraduate pupil at the University of Minnesota, studying journalism too reckoner science.
  • John Osborn, 29, graduate pupil at the University of California, Berkeley, studying journalism.
These students convey big plans that gain from producing hyperlocal data-driven stories, to developing open-source apps that let for democratic tidings gathering too greater collaboration, to information visualization for electrical flow events too entertainment, to producing political tidings games too didactics journalists how to code.

We promise these scholarship winners, too their hereafter projects, inspire the broader journalism community to run on rethinking how to study too part stories through novel technologies.

For all undergraduate too graduate students already brainstorming ideas for side past times side year, read to a greater extent than close the application procedure too eligibility on the scholarship program’s website. Thank you lot to the Associated Press too the Online News Association for making this scholarship computer programme possible, too nosotros await forrard to seeing the acquit on these students convey inwards their communities too inwards journalism.


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