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Celebrating The Google Photography Prize Finalists

Back inward Nov nosotros announced the Google Photography Prize 2012, a contender offering educatee photographers a jeopardy to portion their best photographs with the world.

Groundbreaking lensman Ansel Adams i time said, “There are no rules for goodness photographs, at that topographic point are alone goodness photographs,” together with thence nosotros left the themes for submission suitably broad, with 10 categories that combined classic photography genres with online photography trends including “Night,” “Travel,” “Sound/Silence” together with “Me.”

We were thrilled past times the involvement inward the contest: close 20,000 students from 146 countries took part, of which 100 were shortlisted. You tin encounter these inward the gallery on our website.

Our judging panel of 7 leading photography experts chose the 10 finalists whose run volition locomote shown inward our exhibition inward the Saatchi Gallery. Today we’re announcing the finalists: Collin Avery (U.S.), Viktor Johansson (Sweden), Kyrre Lien (Norway), Alexandra Claudia Manta (Romania), Balázs Maté (Hungary), Adi Sason (Israel), Oliver Seary (UK), Dana Stirling (Israel), Sasha Tamarin (Israel), Zhao Yi (China). Here are examples of the finalists' work—you tin encounter their total albums on their Google+ profiles.

If you’re inward London, come upward to the Saatchi Gallery to encounter the run of our finalists displayed amongst a novel exhibition of international photography, Out of Focus, starting Apr 25. The overall winner of the Google Photography Prize volition locomote announced on Apr 24, together with volition become on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to a place of their pick with a professional person lensman every 2nd their mentor.

We promise yous bask these fantastic photos every 2nd much every 2nd nosotros did.


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