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Celebrate The Kennedy Infinite Center’S 50Th Birthday Amongst Street View

For l years, NASA's Kennedy Space Center inward Florida has been the launch squall for for a generation of infinite applied scientific discipline in addition to exploration. Countless enthusiasts (including this one) grew upward longing to encounter a space shuttle upward closed in addition to walk inward the paths of astronauts. Today, a collaboration betwixt NASA in addition to Street View is enabling people or in addition to so the the world to get got a trip to the doorway to outer space, in addition to encounter Kennedy every bit it transitions into a multipurpose launch complex for the side past times side 50 years of infinite innovation. This location is our largest exceptional collection of Street View imagery to date, totaling 6,000 panoramic views of the facilities, in addition to expanding our mission to document the world’s nigh amazing places.

Street View fleet at Kennedy Space Center

Among the images you lot tin right away explore online alongside the click of your mouse are the space shuttle launch pad, Vehicle Assembly Building and Launch Firing Room #4. Gaze downwardly from the top of the enormous launch pad, peer upward at the towering ceiling of the Vehicle Assembly Building (taller than the Statue of Liberty) in addition to instruct upward closed to i of the space shuttle’s primary engines, which is powerful plenty to generate 400,000 lbs of thrust. From these advantage points, anyone tin alive out his or her childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

Atlantis Orbiter inward the Vehicle Assembly Building - View Larger Map

Saturn V rocket on display inward the Apollo/Saturn V centre - View Larger Map

Even though they lately entered retirement, you lot tin yet instruct an up-close, immersive sense alongside ii of the Space Shuttle Orbiters—the Atlantis in addition to Endeavour —with Street View.

We’d similar to give cheers NASA for making this projection possible in addition to giving all of us the lead a opportunity to digitally walk inward the shoes of all of the pioneering astronauts, scientists, engineers in addition to technicians that made our infinite dreams possible. To explore to a greater extent than of our largest exceptional collection yet, see our Street View gallery at


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