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Bringing Street Fine Art To Your Daily Life

For to a greater extent than than xx years, New Yorkers in addition to street fine art lovers worldwide made the pilgrimage to 5Pointz, a edifice inward Long Island City called the "Graffiti Mecca" because of its brightly colored, ever-changing walls. Artists from simply about the Blue Planet covered every inch of the 200,000-square human foot outside with to a greater extent than than 350 technicolor murals. But terminal summer, this edifice on Davis Street was whitewashed over yesteryear developers, hence demolished.

Street fine art similar that at 5Pointz transforms world spaces into open-air galleries, adding vibrancy to urban landscapes. But using the metropolis every bit a sail oft agency these artworks are hither today, gone tomorrow. With the Google Art Project, we’re working to save this ephemeral fine art shape in addition to become far available to fans simply about the world, anywhere in addition to anytime.

Last June, we added street fine art from all over the globe—including 5Pointz—to the Google Art Project. Today, we’re doubling the give away of world artworks to to a greater extent than than 10,000 high-resolution images. Eighty-five fine art organizations from 34 countries are sharing pieces, ranging from Sweden’s almost famous street festival, to water tanks wrapped with art alongside New York city’s rooftops, to the abandoned walls of Buenos Aires that are a rootage of inspiration for street artists from all over the world.
A H2O tank inward New York City. Photo yesteryear TF Cornerstone

You don’t require to live on tied to your desktop to relish these fantastic collections. All these images are right away available on a device close yous with Chrome, Chromecast, Android Wear in addition to your mobile devices. Turn your TV covert into a vibrant backdrop in addition to add together some color to your smartwatch with our novel Street Art Watch Faces. On your telephone or tablet, browse through our partners' novel apps to conduct maintain a tour of Melbourne's famous laneways or see the multicolored murals inward Delhi, Lima in addition to Honolulu.
Wall yesteryear Brendan Monroe in addition to Candybird. Photo by Pow! Wow! Hawaii

Street artists conduct maintain besides been using technology to play with their medium. Our collection includes animated “GIF-iti” images yesteryear artists similar INSA in addition to Cheko. The walls come upwardly to life with murals that are painted, filmed, in addition to re-painted to exercise captivating moving images.
GIF-iti yesteryear Cheko

So much goes into making a slice of street art. Yet its transient nature puts it at conduct chances of existence scrubbed out in addition to lost forever. The Google Art Project allows these industrial plant of fine art to overstep the walls, live on transported to your covert in addition to alive on. Follow @googleart to abide by more.


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