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Android Wear: Apparel What You Lot Want, Perish What You Lot Need

Architect together with creative mortal William Morris ane time said, “Have nil inward your trace of piece of job solid that you lot produce non know to hold upwards useful, or believe to hold upwards beautiful.” Turns out that’s too proficient advice for deciding what to wear. So Android Wear offers a gain of watches together with apps that are stylish every bit good every bit functional.

Over the past times few months we’ve added lots of ways to limited your style—from custom sentinel faces to a rainbow of bands. Today we’re making Android Wear to a greater extent than helpful every bit well—getting you lot what you lot need, correct on your wrist.

Always-on screen, always-on apps

When you lot purchase a sentinel you lot desire it to, well, say the time. So virtually Android Wear watches include an always-on screen—no tapping, twisting or shaking required to run into what fourth dimension it is. Now we’re expanding this selection to apps, thence they tin rest visible every bit long every bit you lot demand them, instead of disappearing when you lot drib your arm. In either example the enshroud is solely amount color when you're actively looking at it—so you lot larn the information you lot need, together with you lot salve on battery life.

Wi-Fi support

With GPS together with offline music support, you lot tin already locomote out your weep at home, thence go jogging together with jamming like normal. Now Android Wear supports watches amongst built-in Wi-Fi. As long every bit your sentinel is connected to a Wi-Fi network, together with your weep has a information connecter (wherever it is), you’ll hold upwards able to larn notifications, transportation messages, together with exercise all your favorite apps. And if you lot actually produce forget your phone, you lot tin always ask your watch where it is.

Simpler, faster, together with to a greater extent than smiley

When it comes to your watch, using apps should hold upwards every bit unproblematic every bit checking the time. So today we’re making a seat out of Android Wear improvements to assist you lot access your info, together with limited yourself to a greater extent than easily:

  • Got your hands full? You no longer demand them to banking concern tally your tidings together with notifications. Instead you lot tin just flick your wrist to scroll through the stream.
  • Your apps together with contacts are at nowadays simply a tap away from the sentinel face. Just touching on the screen, together with you’ll hold upwards able to foremost apps together with transportation messages immediately.
  • : Can’t talk? Now you lot tin depict hundreds of dissimilar emojis, straight on the sentinel screen. We’ll recognize your piece of job (no fine art score required) together with transportation it via message or text.

These updates are coming to LG Watch Urbane. In the meantime, in that place are enough of useful apps and lots of beautiful sentinel faces—so uncovering your favorites, together with vesture what you lot want.

Posted past times David Singleton, Director of Engineering, Android Wear

(Cross-posted to the Official Android Blog)


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