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Android Has Helped Practice To A Greater Extent Than Selection As Well As Project Design On Mobile Than Always Before

It's difficult to believe, but smartphones barely existed x years ago. People used characteristic phones, which had really basic functionality, in addition to were a nightmare for developers. The exclusively agency to construct apps was device yesteryear device in addition to platform yesteryear platform—Google had a cupboard total of hundreds of phones that nosotros tested 1 yesteryear 1 each fourth dimension nosotros wanted to launch novel software.

Android was born from this frustration. We hoped that yesteryear offering a great, gratuitous open-source operating system, nosotros could turbocharge project design yesteryear allowing manufacturers in addition to developers to focus on what they create best. At the time, most people idea this project design was nuts.

Fast frontwards to today. The measuring of mobile project design has never been greater. Smartphones are existence adopted globally at an increasingly fast pace, amongst over hundreds of millions shipped each quarter, in addition to the average smartphone toll cruel 23% betwixt 2012 in addition to 2014. It’s immediately possible to buy a powerful smartphone, without subsidies or contracts, for nether $100. And the app ecosystem has exploded, giving consumers to a greater extent than pick than e'er before.

Android has been a telephone commutation histrion inward spurring this contest in addition to choice, lowering prices in addition to increasing pick for everyone (there are over 18,000 unlike devices available today);

  • It’s an open-source operating organisation that tin locomote used free-of-charge yesteryear anyone—that’s right, literally anyone. And it’s non simply phones. Today people are edifice almost anything amongst Android—including tablets, watches, TVs, cars, in addition to more. Some Android devices job Google services, in addition to others create not.
  • Our Google Play shop contains over 1 one chiliad one thousand apps in addition to nosotros paid out over $7 billion inward revenue over the yesteryear twelvemonth to developers in addition to content publishers.
  • Apps that compete remove amongst Google such every bit Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft Office, in addition to Expedia are easily available to Android users. Indeed many of these apps come upward pre-loaded onto Android devices inward improver to Google apps. The recent Samsung S6 is a cracking lawsuit of this, including pre-installed apps from Facebook, Microsoft, in addition to Google.
  • Developers convey a pick of platforms in addition to over 80% of developers are edifice apps for several unlike mobile operating systems.

The European Commission has asked questions close our partner agreements. It's of import to recall that these are voluntary—again, yous tin job Android without Google—but render existent benefits to Android users, developers in addition to the broader ecosystem.

Anti-fragmentation agreements, for example, ensure apps piece of work across all sorts of unlike Android devices. (After all, it would locomote pretty frustrating if an app yous downloaded on 1 yell upward didn’t likewise piece of work on your eventual replacement phone.) And our app distribution agreements brand certain that people larn a cracking "out of the box" sense amongst useful apps correct at that topographic point on the domicile concealment (how many of us could larn through our twenty-four hr menses without maps or email?). This likewise helps manufacturers of Android devices compete amongst Apple, Microsoft in addition to other mobile ecosystems that come upward preloaded amongst similar baseline apps. And recall that these distribution agreements are non exclusive, in addition to Android manufacturers install their ain apps in addition to apps from other companies every bit well. And inward comparing to Apple—the world’s most profitable (mobile) yell upward company—there are far fewer Google apps pre-installed on Android phones than Apple apps on iOS devices.

We are thankful for Android’s success in addition to nosotros sympathise that amongst success comes scrutiny. But it's non simply Google that has benefited from Android's success. The Android model has allow manufacturers compete on their unique innovations. Developers tin accomplish huge audiences in addition to construct rigid businesses. And consumers immediately convey unprecedented pick at ever-lower prices. We hold back frontwards to discussing these issues inward to a greater extent than exceptional amongst the European Commission over the months ahead.


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