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An Update On The Google Bar

Two months ago, nosotros announced our plans to gyre out a novel pattern for the Google bar. Our destination was to practise a beautifully uncomplicated too intuitive sense across Google. Based on your feedback, nosotros realized at that topographic point were unopen to elements of the novel bar that nosotros could improve, too amongst that inwards mind, we’re introducing an updated version that nosotros believe volition render a amend experience.

The novel pattern retains many of the characteristic changes nosotros made inwards Nov that proved popular, including a unified search box too Google+ sharing too notifications across Google. The biggest alter is that we’ve replaced the drop-down Google bill of fare amongst a consistent too expanded gear upwards of links running across the meridian of the page.

We'll last rolling out this novel version of the Google bar over the side past times side few weeks. In the meantime, nosotros invite yous to read close the novel pattern inwards our Help Center, too mail us your feedback.


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