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An Inbox That Plant For You

Today, we’re introducing something new. It’s called Inbox. Years inward the making, Inbox is yesteryear the same people who brought yous Gmail, but it’s non Gmail: it’s a completely dissimilar type of inbox, designed to focus on what actually matters.

Email started but every bit a means to transportation digital notes around the office. But fast-forward xxx years together with alongside exactly the telephone inward your pocket, yous tin dismiss role e-mail to contact virtually anyone inward the world…from your best friend to the possessor of that bagel store yous discovered terminal week.

With this development comes novel challenges: nosotros learn to a greater extent than e-mail forthwith than ever, of import data is buried within messages, together with our around of import tasks tin dismiss sideslip through the cracks—especially when we’re working on our phones. For many of us, dealing alongside e-mail has locomote out a daily chore that distracts from what nosotros actually demand to do—rather than helping us learn those things done.

If this all sounds familiar, together with thence Inbox is for you. Or to a greater extent than accurately, Inbox industrial plant for you. Here are exactly about of the ways Inbox is at your service:

Bundles: rest organized automatically
Inbox expands upon the categories nosotros introduced inward Gmail terminal year, making it tardily to bargain alongside similar types of post all at once. For example, all your buy receipts or banking concern statements are neatly grouped together thence that yous tin dismiss apace review together with and thence swipe them out of the way. You tin dismiss fifty-fifty instruct Inbox to adjust to the means yous locomote yesteryear choosing which emails you’d similar to meet grouped together.

Highlights: the of import information at a glance
Inbox highlights the key data from of import messages, such every bit flying itineraries, effect information, together with photos together with documents emailed to yous yesteryear friends together with family. Inbox volition fifty-fifty display useful data from the spider web that wasn’t inward the master email, such every bit the real-time condition of your flights together with bundle deliveries. Highlights together with Bundles locomote together to give yous exactly the data yous demand at a glance.
Reminders, Assists, together with Snooze: your to-do’s on your ain terms
Inbox makes it tardily to focus on your priorities yesteryear letting yous add together your ain Reminders, from picking upwards the dry out cleaning to giving your parents a call. No affair what yous demand to remember, your inbox becomes a centralized house to continue runway of the things yous demand to learn dorsum to.
A sampling of Assists
And speaking of to-do’s, Inbox helps yous cross those off your listing yesteryear providing Assists—handy pieces of data yous may demand to learn the chore done. For example, if yous write a Reminder to telephone outcry upwards the hardware store, Inbox volition provide the store’s telephone disclose together with tell yous if it's open. Assists locomote for your email, too. If yous brand a eating theatre reservation online, Inbox adds a map to your confirmation email. Book a flying online, together with Inbox gives a link to check-in.

Of course, non everything needs to locomote done correct now. Whether you’re inward an inconvenient house or but demand to focus on something else first, Inbox lets yous Snooze away emails together with Reminders. You tin dismiss ready them to come upwards dorsum at exactly about other fourth dimension or when yous learn to a specific location, similar your habitation or your office.

Get started alongside Inbox
Starting today, we’re sending out the get-go circular of invitations to give Inbox a try, together with each novel user volition locomote able to invite their friends. If Inbox can’t brand it shortly plenty for you, yous tin dismiss e-mail us at to learn an invitation every bit shortly every bit to a greater extent than locomote out available.

When yous start using Inbox, you’ll apace meet that it doesn’t experience the same every bit Gmail—and that’s the point. Gmail’s yet at that topographic point for you, but Inbox is something new. It’s a amend means to learn dorsum to what matters, together with nosotros can’t await to percentage it alongside you.

Cross-posted from the Official Gmail Blog

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