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A Novel Manner To Visualize The Global Arms Trade

Did you lot know that lx per centum of all fierce deaths are due to small-scale arms in addition to low-cal weapons? Small arms, such every bit revolvers, onslaught rifles in addition to low-cal auto guns, in addition to ammunition stand upward for a multi-billion dollar industry, in addition to 3 quarters of the world’s small-scale arms prevarication inward the mitt of civilians—more than 650 1000000 civilian arms. As piece of employment of the Google Ideas first on illicit networks, we’ve created an interactive information visualization of global small-scale arms in addition to ammunition trading to amend empathize in addition to map the global arms trade.

The tool was produced yesteryear Google’s Creative Lab squad inward collaboration amongst the INFO summit hosted yesteryear Google Ideas final month:

You tin explore these information points yesteryear zooming inward in addition to out of the globe, clicking on whatsoever province to readjust the view, in addition to using the histogram tool at the bottom to come across trading patterns over the years. You tin see, for example, that the scale of the global merchandise inward ammunition rivals the scale of merchandise inward actual weapons, an insight underexplored yesteryear policymakers today inward conflict prevention in addition to resolution.

We built this visualization using the opened upward rootage WebGL Globe on Google’s Chrome Experiments site; since it is opened upward sourced, nosotros promise to come across others utilization the globe every bit a platform for bringing other complex datasets to life.

Update 8/16/12: This post service has been updated to reverberate to a greater extent than accurate numbers.


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