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A Novel Current Of Air Investment Inwards Texas

It certain is windy inward Texas. So windy, inward fact, that we’ve made another current of air liberate energy investment there. In slowly Dec nosotros finalized an understanding to invest $75 1000000 inward the Panhandle 2 current of air farm inward Carson County, exterior of Amarillo. The 182MW facility, developed past times leading current of air developer Pattern Energy Group LP, has the capacity to generate plenty renewable liberate energy to ability 56,000 U.S.A. homes. We facial expression the facility to hold upward operational past times the goal of 2014.
The futurity site of Pattern’s Panhandle 2 current of air farm

Panhandle 2 is our Spinning Spur current of air farm. In add-on to these 2 projects, we’re too buying Texas current of air from the Happy Hereford current of air farm equally business office of our goal of operating on 100 per centum renewable energy. These efforts reverberate our long-standing commitment to renewable liberate energy equally both an investor too a consumer.
Sunset at around other Pattern facility, Gulf Wind

Let that Texas current of air blow!


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