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A Fresh Starting Fourth Dimension For Google Presentations

A yr too a one-half ago, nosotros released completely novel document, spreadsheet too drawing editors. Google Docs has been picking upward speed e'er since amongst to a greater extent than than lx novel features too millions of novel users. Today we’re rounding out the suite yesteryear previewing a novel version of presentations amongst faster collaboration too to a greater extent than features.

A collaborative approach
Presentations are made to live on shared—whether it’s presenting your thesis to your professors or inspiring colleagues at a conference. And the best presentations are made together, collaborating amongst others to construct a compelling even out that captivates your audience. Creating presentations together is slow because you lot can:
  • See precisely what others are working on amongst colorful presence markers
  • Edit amongst your squad members simultaneously from unlike locations
  • Use revision history to run across who made changes or to revert to before versions
  • Say hello, showtime a conversation or part novel ideas using built-in chat
 Google Docs has been picking upward speed e'er since amongst to a greater extent than than  H5N1 fresh showtime for Google presentations
More than l novel features
In the novel presentations, we’ve added many of your nearly requested features, including:
  • Transitions to movement betwixt slides amongst elementary fades or spicier 3D effects
  • Animations to add together emphasis or to brand your slides to a greater extent than playful
  • New themes to practice beautiful presentations amongst distinct visual styles
  • Drawings to construct novel designs, layouts, too flowcharts inside a presentation
  • Rich tables amongst merged cells too to a greater extent than options for adding trend to your data
What’s next
We’re gradually rolling out the novel presentations. To larn an early on start, click on the gear picture inwards your document list, too guide Document settings. Then, from the editing tab, depository fiscal establishment tally the box to “Create novel presentations using the latest version of the presentation editor.”

Many of the novel features were built using technologies that are alone available inwards modern browsers. If you’re using an older browser you’ll live on able to view, merely non edit, the novel presentations.

With today’s launch, the Google Docs suite is at i time built on a single, company foundation. Now that the groundwork is inwards place, you lot tin hold back to a greater extent than useful too collaborative features, delivered faster than e'er before.


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