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A Changing Playing Plain For Women

A Changing Playing Plain For Women
A Changing Playing Plain For Women
There’s no interrogation the footing is wild close football. Last year, nosotros watched inwards awe of the 2.1 billion search queries related to the World Cup. And regardless of whether it’s a tournament year, football game (or soccer if you lot please) crushes the contest equally the most-searched sport worldwide.

But here’s something that surprised us: the footing searches 3 times to a greater extent than for girls’ soccer (and football) than for boys’ soccer—yet, exclusively 1 per centum of global searches for professional person soccer are for women’s teams, spell the other 99 per centum are for men’s teams. That’s non for a lack of amazing functioning on the plain past times women athletes—rather, it's because women’s sports convey historically been paid less attending than men’s. For instance, women’s football game was banned past times the English linguistic communication FA (and other European organizations) until the 1970s, together with it didn’t decease an Olympic sport until 1996.
We attention deeply close inspiring the side past times side generation of girls to decease leaders—whether they’re inwards the technology scientific discipline plain or on the soccer pitch. So nosotros got to thinking close how Search tin sack aid people uncovering all the amazing stories of women’s soccer that convey historically been overlooked. During the 2015 Women’s World Cup, we’ll portion search trends, stats together with to a greater extent than to aid you lot larn to know these athletes together with their talents on the field.

Here’s how to follow along together with cheer on the remarkable women of pro soccer:

Check out our homepage Doodle. Today’s Doodle celebrates the commence of the Cup. Check dorsum for to a greater extent than equally the tournament progresses.
Follow the tournament inwards search. Search for [womens footing loving cup 2015] on your Android telephone to larn brackets, game times together with updated scores.

Keep upward alongside the latest. Follow us on Twitter together with Google+ to honor out to a greater extent than close women’s soccer, its history, rising stars together with the major trending moments during the tournament. Google Search tin sack besides aid you lot uncovering to a greater extent than close women’s football, past times together with present. For instance, endeavour quest the Google app “when was the commencement Women’s World Cup held?” The response may surprise you.

That’s simply the start—we’re besides teaming upward alongside official sponsor Adidas to portion to a greater extent than from the players throughout the tournament. See you lot at the games!