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Welcome To The Tech Hub Network Family, Uppercase Factory!

Welcome To The Tech Hub Network Family, Uppercase Factory!
Welcome To The Tech Hub Network Family, Uppercase Factory!
Austin is domicile to some of the Tech Hub Network. The city’s thriving startup community together with deep bench of applied scientific discipline talent, combined amongst its natural inventiveness together with eclecticism, instruct far the perfect house to expand.

Capital Factory is the 8th infinite to bring together the Network, a grouping of partner organizations across the the U.S.A. that does everything from hosting accelerator programs for talented developers to providing desks for entrepreneurs. Google for Entrepreneurs provides funding to all the hubs together with laissez passer on them access to mentorship opportunities together with Google products.

In only over half-dozen months, the Tech Hub Network is already having a dramatic lawsuit on entrepreneurs some North America. Seventy-one per centum of startups nation their hub is having a meaning behavior upon on their growth, together with companies from the Network convey raised to a greater extent than than $50 1000000 together with created 1,200 jobs since becoming members. Just final month, nosotros hosted a Demo Day for these hubs, where 10 startups raised millions of dollars to assistance grow their businesses.

To laissez passer on these entrepreneurs an fifty-fifty greater boost going forward, starting today anyone who plant inwards i of the 8 tech hubs or Google’s Campus London together with Tel Aviv volition go able to operate for costless from the other fellow member spaces when traveling. This volition laissez passer on startups a domicile base of operations when they’re on the road, together with the endangerment to spread together with telephone commutation ideas from metropolis to city.

Not also long ago, Google was only a small-scale startup inwards a garage. Now that we’ve grown upward a bit, nosotros desire to laissez passer on others a house where they tin sack operate on their ideas, together with feed off each other’s inventiveness together with ingenuity. Capital Factory is no exception. So, instruct your boots on, Austin entrepreneurs—we can’t await to watch how your growing startup community plays its role inwards keeping Austin weird.