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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends August 8-14

Through The Google Lens: Search Trends August 8-14
Through The Google Lens: Search Trends August 8-14
Demonstrations inwards Missouri as well as the cash inwards one's chips of Robin Williams had people searching for a greater agreement this week.

Losing a Hollywood legend
First up, the tidings of Robin Williams’ cash inwards one's chips sparked tens of millions of searches well-nigh the dearest actor’s life as well as career. Legions of fans searched for every i of their favorite films from Williams’ decades-long career; top topics include Hook, Jumanji and Good Morning Vietnam. Many were looking upward his most memorable quotes as well as roles, including the “O captain, my captain” monologue inwards Dead Poets Society, Genie’s commencement scene inwards Aladdin, as well as a standup fleck well-nigh golf. Others searched for tributes past times Williams’ beau actors as well as comedians, similar Jimmy Fallon as well as Conan O’Brien. And merely yesterday, tidings that the constituent musician had been diagnosed amongst Parkinson’s disease led people to the spider web i time again.

Two days afterward Williams’ death, Lauren Bacall passed away at the historic menses of 89, inspiring people to search for to a greater extent than data on the actress, inwards special her matrimony to Humphrey Bogart dorsum inwards Hollywood’s golden age.
Unrest inwards Missouri
Protests ignited inwards the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri this weekend afterward an unarmed teenager named Mike Brown was shot as well as killed past times constabulary on Saturday. People turned to search to acquire to a greater extent than well-nigh the conflict, as well as searches for damage similar [ferguson riot] as well as [ferguson shooting] rose past times to a greater extent than than 1,000%.
Math as well as scientific discipline phenomena
Maryam Mirzakhani, a professor of mathematics at Stanford, was awarded the 2014 Fields Medal this calendar week for her function on agreement the symmetry of curved surfaces such every bit spheres. She is the commencement adult woman as well as commencement Iranian to win the prize, considered the Nobel Prize of mathematics.

Turning from i sphere to a celestial one, 2 astronomical events led searchers to the spider web to acquire more. The Perseid falling star shower had its annual peak this week—and got a doodle for the occasion—and the brightest super moon of the yr had everyone a picayune lun-y.

Ice H2O ice bucket
This calendar week saw a rising inwards searches for [als] cheers to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, a viral effort to enhance coin to acquire by what’s meliorate known every bit Lou Gehrig’s disease. From Martha Stewart to Justin Timberlake to your college roommate, odds are yous know mortal who’s dumped a bucket of icy H2O on themselves for the cause. The ALS Association has received millions of dollars inwards donations every bit a result, though nosotros don’t convey whatever numbers on how many brave folks took the plunge.

Tip of the week
Still basking inwards the glow of that super moon? Learn to a greater extent than well-nigh our familiar friend inwards the heaven past times shout out for your Google Search app on iPhone or Android, “How far away is the moon?” as well as acquire an respond spoken dorsum to you. You tin terminate hence ask, “How big is it?” Google volition empathise what “it” you’re talking well-nigh as well as give yous the 411.