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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends August 15-21

Through The Google Lens: Search Trends August 15-21
Through The Google Lens: Search Trends August 15-21
It was an emotional rollercoaster on search this week. Read on to larn to a greater extent than most what made people express joy too cry.

Tragedies too scandals
The basis was shocked yesteryear a video showing the execution of American journalist James Foley yesteryear the Islamic State inward Republic of Iraq too Syrian Arab Republic (ISIS). Questions stay most how the U.S. of America volition respond to the incident. And at that spot was distressing intelligence closer to abode too. TV lost an icon when Saturday Night Live’s announcer of 40+ years, Don Pardo, passed away at 96.

While approximately searchers were inward mourning, others were looking for answers. Texas Governor too potential GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry was indicted this calendar week on charges of abuse of power. Perry pleaded non guilty to all charges, but that didn’t halt searchers from investigating. And acre people had their detective hats on, they also looked into the Louisville Purge, a social media hoax based off the horror pic serial The Purge. The hoax claimed that all residents of Louisville, Kentucky would induce got 24 hours to commit whatever criminal offence they want—without repercussion. Does anyone accept social media that seriously?

“J” equally inward “J is the exclusively missive of the alphabet that matters”
You’d remember our favorite missive of the alphabet would endure the missive of the alphabet “G,” too commonly that’s the case—but non this calendar week equally J-named celebrities jacked the trends charts. Two-time Dancing amongst the Stars champion Julianna Hough is taking off her dancing shoes too getting comfortable behind the judge’s tabular array inward a novel utilisation on the show. Meanwhile, rumors flew similar mockingjays this calendar week that actress Jennifer Lawrence has a novel beau— the consciously uncoupled Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. And when there’s activity going on yous know Johnny Manziel won’t endure besides far away. Searchers were baffled this calendar week when Johnny Football decided to exhibit the Washington bench that he, um, was “number one.”

Deep bounding main video gaming
Searchers took a trip downward retention lane when one-time James Bond thespian Pierce Brosnan went head-to-head amongst Jimmy Fallon inward the classic Nintendo 64 game “GoldenEye 007.” Unfortunately, Brosnan’s sense equally the untouchable Bond didn’t quite interpret into video games skills. But Bond wasn’t the exclusively 1 sleeping amongst the fishes. There were stone oil waters this calendar week for sharks... to a greater extent than specifically this shark, who was swallowed whole inward 1 seize amongst teeth yesteryear a goliath Grouper. Consider shark calendar week officially over. (^^^)

Tip of the week
Want a fast agency to calculate the tip? Stop counting on your fingers too simply inquire Google “How much is the tip on a $27 bill?” to acquire the amount. You tin forcefulness out also suit the tip percentage too split upwardly the nib yesteryear the divulge of people inward your party, right inward the search results.