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Through The Google Lens: Search Trends May 9-15

Through The Google Lens: Search Trends May 9-15
Through The Google Lens: Search Trends May 9-15
Search is oft the outset house nosotros plough when something unexpected or odd happens. This calendar week is no exception, equally people looked for intelligence on a celebrity smackdown, an interspecies showdown in addition to everything inwards between.

When the intelligence is news
H5N1 newsroom shuffle at the New York Times pose the Grey Lady at the give of headlines roughly the country. Wednesday, it was announced that Jill Abramson, who served equally executive editor since 2011 in addition to was the outset adult woman inwards that position, would last replaced past times Dean Baquet (himself a “first”—no African-American has held the project earlier now). Searchers scrambled to notice data on the storey behind the story.

The Finals countdown
Basketball continues to last inwards the search spotlight equally the NBA Finals approach. After a crazy, up-and-down, roller-coaster outset round, the minute circular went to a greater extent than according to plan. Now we’re rewarded amongst matchups of the give 2 seeds inwards each conference finals, leading people to usage some searching for the Spurs, Thunder, Heat in addition to Pacers. While those teams are preparing for their side past times side opponent, some teams are already making changes to ready for side past times side year; the Golden State Warriors announced a novel coach, Steve Kerr, a one-time histrion amongst v championships nether his belt. Searchers looked for data on [steve kerr rings] in addition to [steve kerr bulls] (he won 3 of those rings inwards Chicago), also equally [steve kerr knicks]—rumor has it that Kerr turned downwards an offering to double-decker that team.
What a wonderful web
Legions of loyal truthful cat people felt vindicated this calendar week when a video of a family’s “hero cat” saving a four-year-old man child from a domestic dog assail went viral. Not exclusively were in that location hundreds of thousands of searches for [cat saves man child from dog], only the video directly has to a greater extent than than ix ane M k views on YouTube. I personally vouch that it’s worth your time.

In other viral news, Macaulay Culkin was photographed wearing a T-shirt showing my ain favorite famous somebody Ryan Gosling wearing a T-shirt of Macaulay Culkin dorsum inwards his “Home Alone” days. People rushed to the spider web to run into the photos, also equally usage their ain recursive images. As the A.V. Club says: neat job, Internet!

Bey it ain’t so
An parent surveillance video released past times TMZ in addition to showing Solange Knowles inwards a physical altercation amongst brother-in-law Jay-Z inspired a frenzy of speculation in addition to search activity—and yous could state it added ane to a greater extent than work to Jay’s list. Monday’s give trending topic—with to a greater extent than than 5 ane M k searches!—was [tmz], in addition to searches for damage similar [solange attacks jay], [jay z fight] in addition to [solange fight] were through the roof. Call it a will to Bey in addition to Jay’s condition equally celebrity royalty.