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Something To Smiling About: A 5,000-Mile Walk Across Asia, Guided Past Times Google Maps

Something To Smiling About: A 5,000-Mile Walk Across Asia, Guided Past Times Google Maps
Something To Smiling About: A 5,000-Mile Walk Across Asia, Guided Past Times Google Maps
Inspiration comes inwards many shapes together with forms. For U.S. Marine Sgt. Winston Fiore, it was a tidings article almost the International Children’s Surgical Foundation (ICSF) together with physician Geoff Williams, who provides gratis facial-reconstructive surgeries for children amongst fissure lips/palates inwards developing countries. Although fissure palates are quite correctable, if left untreated the deformity tin plow over the axe drive serious wellness issues. Many children don’t direct maintain the surgery because the toll of each physical care for ($250 USD) is out of accomplish for their families.

Inspired to produce something to help, Winston ready out on a 5,000-mile trek across Southeast Asia to enhance coin together with awareness for the ICSF—a mission he dubbed Smile Trek. Armed amongst sturdy boots, a 20-pound vest carrying essentials together with an Android outcry upwards amongst Google Maps, Winston ready off on his mission inwards Oct 2011. In the final year, he has walked (yes, walked!) through Brunei, China, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, together with Vietnam. Along the agency he’s met countless individuals who direct maintain contributed to his cause, whether it was a house to stay, a hot repast or a monetary donation on his website.

Trekking along: Winston, standing inwards front end of a durian fruit stand upwards close Sematan, the westernmost town of Malaysian Borneo

Out on the road, Winston’s Android outcry upwards together with Google Maps became “the hub” of his entire operation. He used Google Maps to abide by accurate together with easy-to-use walking directions everywhere he went, whether it was through remote villages together with farms, downwardly tiny dirt roads, or across rice paddies together with desolate carbohydrate cane fields. “Walking directions inwards Google Maps were critical to my trek. The directions were accurate together with efficient—it’s essential to accept the shortest route when you’re walking 20-25 miles each day,” said Winston. “But the best role was beingness routed onto roads together with trails through areas I otherwise never would direct maintain discovered with, say, driving directions, or fifty-fifty a physical map.”

View the consummate map of Winston's journeying on his site

In improver to using Google Maps, Winston relied on many other Google products during his trek. He used Google Latitude to operate along his family, friends together with supporters informed of his whereabouts, together with MyTracks to tape his speed, distance together with the places he visited. He also used Google Translate to communicate amongst locals, together with inwards ane illustration works life it essential: when fleck past times a stray domestic dog exterior of Bangkok, he typed "I got fleck past times a dog, tin plow over the axe someone accept me to a hospital?" into his app. H5N1 taxi driver took him to the hospital, where he got xi shots!

Today, subsequently walking 5,000 miles inwards 408 days, Sgt. Fiore completes his journey, amongst to a greater extent than than $65,000 raised for ICSF. The coin volition assist to fund to a greater extent than than 200 life-saving surgeries for children inwards Southeast Asia together with other parts of the world. If you’d similar to contribute to the International Children’s Surgery Fund together with Winston Fiore’s effort, nosotros encourage y'all to visit