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Securing Your Wifi Network

Securing Your Wifi Network
Securing Your Wifi Network
This post service is exercise of a regular series of privacy too security tips to assist y'all too your identify unit of measurement remain security too secure online. Privacy too security are of import topics—they affair to us, too they affair to you. Building on our Good to Know site alongside advice for security too savvy Internet use, nosotros promise this information helps y'all empathize the choices too command that y'all conduct keep over your online information. -Ed.

More than a quarter of Internet users worldwide use WiFi at home to connect to the web, exactly many aren't certain how to protect their domicile network, or why it is of import to practise so. The best means to intend of your domicile WiFi network is to intend of it similar your forepart door: y'all desire a rigid lock on both to ensure your security too security.

When information is inward transit over an unsecured WiFi network, the information you’re sending or receiving could hold upward intercepted past times someone nearby. Your neighbors mightiness also hold upward able to exercise the network for their ain Internet activities, which mightiness tiresome downwardly your connection. Securing your network tin assist dice along your information security when you’re connecting wirelessly, too tin also assist protect the devices that are connected to your network.

If you’re interested inward improving your domicile WiFi security, the steps below tin assist brand your domicile network safer.

1. Check to encounter what form of domicile WiFi security y'all already have.
Do your friends remove to come inward a password to acquire on your network when they view your solid for the offset fourth dimension too inquire to exercise your WiFi? If they don’t, your network isn’t equally secure equally it could be. Even if they practise remove to come inward a password, at that topographic point are a few dissimilar methods of securing your network, too roughly are improve than others. Check what form of security y'all conduct keep for your network at domicile past times looking at your WiFi settings. Your network volition probable either hold upward unsecured, or secured alongside WEP, WPA or WPA2. WEP is the oldest wireless security protocol, too it’s pretty weak. WPA is improve than WEP, exactly WPA2 is best.

2. Change your network security settings to WPA2.
Your wireless router is the auto that creates the WiFi network. If y'all don’t conduct keep your domicile network secured alongside WPA2, you’ll remove to access your router’s settings page to brand the change. You tin cheque your router’s user manual to figure out how to access this page, or hold off for instructions online for your specific router. Any device alongside a WiFi trademark sold since 2006 is required to back upward WPA2. If y'all conduct keep a router that was made earlier then, nosotros advise upgrading to a novel router that does offering WPA2. It’s safer too tin hold upward much faster.

3. Create a rigid password for your WiFi network.
To secure your network alongside WPA2, you’ll remove to practise a password. It’s of import that y'all choose a unique password, alongside a long mix of numbers, letters too symbols thus others can’t easily gauge it. If you’re inward a mortal infinite such equally your home, it’s OK to write this password downwardly thus y'all tin recollect it, too dice along it somewhere security thus y'all don’t lose it. You mightiness also remove it handy inward illustration your friends come upward to view too desire to connect to the Internet via your network. Just similar y'all wouldn’t give a stranger a fundamental to your house, y'all should exclusively give your WiFi password to people y'all trust.

4. Secure your router too, thus nobody tin alter your settings.
Your router needs its ain password, dissever from the password y'all exercise to secure your network. Routers come upward without a password, or if they practise conduct keep one, it’s a elementary default password that many online criminals may already know. If y'all don’t reset your router password, criminals anywhere inward the the world conduct keep an tardily means to launch an assault on your network, the information shared on it too the computers connected to your network. For many routers, y'all tin reset the password from the router settings page. Keep this password to yourself, too acquire inward dissimilar from the i y'all exercise to connect to the WiFi network (as described inward measuring 3). If y'all brand these passwords the same, thus anyone who has the password to connect to your network volition also hold upward able to alter your wireless router settings.

5. If y'all remove help, hold off upward the instructions.
If you’ve misplaced your router’s manual, type the model discover of your base of operations station or router into a search engine—in many cases the information is available online. Otherwise, contact the companionship that manufactured the router or your Internet Service Provider for assistance.

Please cheque out the video below to larn to a greater extent than well-nigh the elementary exactly of import steps y'all tin accept to improve the security of your Internet browsing.

For to a greater extent than advice on how to protect yourself too your identify unit of measurement online, view our Good to Know site, too remain tuned for to a greater extent than posts inward our security series.