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New Gratuitous Appear Tools From Google Ideas

New Gratuitous Appear Tools From Google Ideas
New Gratuitous Appear Tools From Google Ideas
As long equally people conduct keep expressed ideas, others conduct keep tried to quiet them. Today one out of every three people lives inwards a social club that is severely censored. Online barriers tin include everything from filters that block content to targeted attacks designed to accept downwardly websites. For many people, these obstacles are to a greater extent than than an inconvenience—they correspond full-scale repression.

This week, inwards partnership alongside the Council on Foreign Relations together with the Gen Next Foundation, Google Ideas—our “think/do tank”—is hosting a summit inwards New York entitled “Conflict inwards a Connected World.”

The summit brings together “hacktivists,” safety experts, entrepreneurs, dissidents together with others to explore the changing nature of conflict together with how online tools together with tin both terms together with protect. We’re also assessing what mightiness hold upward done to improve protect people confronting online censorship. With our partners, nosotros volition launch several novel products together with initiatives designed to help:
  • Project Shield is an first that enables people to role Google’s technology scientific discipline to improve protect websites that mightiness otherwise conduct keep been taken offline past times “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks. We’re currently inviting webmasters serving independent news, human rights, together with elections-related content to employ to join our side past times side circular of trusted testers.
  • The Digital Attack Map is a alive information visualization, built through a collaboration betwixt Arbor Networks together with Google Ideas, that maps DDoS attacks designed to accept downwardly websites—and their content—around the globe. This tool shows real-time anonymous traffic information related to these attacks on gratis speech, together with also lets people explore historic trends together with run across related intelligence reports of outages happening on a given day.
  • uProxy is a novel browser extension nether evolution that lets friends render each other alongside a trusted pathway to the web, helping protect an Internet connectedness from filtering, surveillance or misdirection. The University of Washington together with Brave New Software developed the tool, which was seeded past times Google Ideas. To larn to a greater extent than nearly the challenges uProxy aims to address, lookout our video.
Information technologies conduct keep transformed conflict inwards our connected world, together with access to the gratis menses of information is increasingly critical. This week’s summit—as good equally Shield, the Digital Attack Map together with uProxy—are all steps we’re taking to assistance those fighting for gratis facial expression to a greater extent than or less the globe.