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Keep The Mesh Complimentary Too Open

Keep The Mesh Complimentary Too Open
Keep The Mesh Complimentary Too Open
Starting inwards 1973, when my colleagues together with I proposed the applied scientific discipline behind the Internet, nosotros advocated for an opened upward criterion to connect estimator networks together. This wasn’t but philosophical; it was also practical.

Our protocols were designed to brand the networks of the Internet non-proprietary together with interoperable. They avoided “lock-in,” together with allowed for contributions from many sources. This openness is why the Internet creates then much value today. Because it is borderless together with belongs to everyone, it has brought unprecedented freedoms to billions of people worldwide: the liberty to exercise together with innovate, to organize together with influence, to utter together with live on heard.

But starting inwards a few hours, a closed-door meeting of the world’s governments is taking house inwards Dubai, together with rule of the Internet is on the agenda. The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is convening a conference from Dec 3-14 to revise a decades-old treaty, inwards which only governments own got a vote. Some proposals could let governments to justify the censorship of legitimate speech, or fifty-fifty cutting off Internet access inwards their countries.

You tin read to a greater extent than nigh my concerns on, but I am non alone. So far, to a greater extent than than 1,000 organizations from to a greater extent than than 160 countries own got spoken upward too, together with they’re joined past times hundreds of thousands of Internet users who are standing upward for a gratis together with opened upward Internet. On an interactive map at, y'all tin consider that people from all corners of the basis own got signed our petition, used the #freeandopen hashtag on social media, or created together with uploaded videos to tell how of import these issues are.

If y'all concur together with desire to back upward a gratis together with opened upward Internet too, I invite y'all to bring together us past times signing the petition at Please brand your phonation heard together with spread the word.

Update Dec 15, 2012: At the determination of the ITU coming together inwards Dubai on Friday, 89 countries signed the treaty, piece 55 countries said they would non sign or that additional review was needed. We stand upward alongside the countries who refused to sign, together with alongside the millions of you who own got voiced your back upward for a gratis together with opened upward web.