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From Tvs To Tablets: Everything You Lot Love, Across All Your Screens

From Tvs To Tablets: Everything You Lot Love, Across All Your Screens
From Tvs To Tablets: Everything You Lot Love, Across All Your Screens
When I was growing up, my identify unit of measurement had a unmarried concealment nosotros huddled around every day: the television set laid inwards the living room. Nowadays, nosotros “huddle” around multiple screens—laptops, smartphones in addition to tablets—using them almost interchangeably equally nosotros navigate through our day. In a footing of ubiquitous computing, life would survive a lot simpler if nosotros didn’t select to acquire novel behaviors in addition to interfaces each fourth dimension nosotros switched screens—if nosotros could select i consistent, intuitive sense no affair where nosotros are or what we’re doing. Today, alongside the launch of Chromecast in addition to the new Nexus seven tablet, it’s fifty-fifty to a greater extent than effortless to savor content you lot attention about—whether it’s video, music, movies, games—wherever you lot are, across your devices.

Introducing Chromecast
To help acquire far slowly to convey your favorite online amusement to the biggest concealment inwards your house—the TV—we’re introducing Chromecast. Chromecast is a pocket-size in addition to affordable ($35) device that you lot exactly plug inwards to your high-definition (HD) TV in addition to it allows you lot to purpose your phone, tablet or laptop to "cast" online content to your TV screen. It plant alongside Netflix, YouTube, Google Play Movies & TV, in addition to Google Play Music, alongside to a greater extent than apps similar Pandora coming soon. With Chromecast, nosotros wanted to create an slowly solution that plant for everyone, for every TV inwards the house.

Once your Chromecast is laid up, you lot tin purpose your phone, tablet or laptop to browse in addition to cast content to your TV, play in addition to pause, command the volume, in addition to more. But dissimilar other streaming solutions, you lot tin nevertheless multitask—send emails or surf the web—while enjoying what’s on the TV screen. It plant across platforms—Android tablets in addition to smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Chrome for Mac in addition to Windows (more to come), then your personal device is also at in i lawsuit your remote control.

Cast the spider web to your TV
In add-on to apps similar Netflix, you lot tin purpose Chromecast to convey a wide arrive at of content available on the spider web to your large screen, thank you lot to a novel characteristic inwards the Chrome browser that allows you lot to projection whatsoever browser tab to your TV. From sharing your identify unit of measurement photos to enjoying a video clip from your favorite tidings site, it’s equally elementary equally pressing a button. This characteristic is launching inwards beta, but we’re excited for people to essay out it out in addition to give us their feedback.

Google Cast SDK preview for developers
To ensure a peachy Chromecast sense over time, we've built Google Cast, a engineering scientific discipline that enables developers to construct consistent, intuitive multi-screen experiences across mobile devices in addition to TVs. Today, we’re launching a preview version of Google Cast alongside to a greater extent than data for developers on our Google Developers blog. H5N1 handful of early on developers are already working on enabling Google Cast engineering scientific discipline inwards their apps, then to a greater extent than supported apps are coming soon. And spell the Chromecast device is the firstly instantiation of Google Cast, nosotros facial expression the engineering scientific discipline to survive embedded inwards a arrive at of hardware from our partners inwards the future.
The novel Nexus 7—the sharpest 7” tablet concealment ever
Together alongside ASUS, nosotros took what you lot loved almost the original Nexus 7 in addition to made it fifty-fifty better. The firstly thing you’ll detect is the sharpness of the screen: the 323 pixels packed into every inch of the concealment makes it the world's highest-resolution 7-inch tablet. It’s lighter than ever, alongside to a greater extent than than nine hours of hard disk video playback in addition to 10 hours of spider web browsing or reading. Nexus seven at in i lawsuit features stereo speakers in addition to virtual surroundings well from Fraunhofer (the inventors of the MP3 format), giving you lot rich in addition to immersive audio.

Android 4.3—a sweeter Jelly Bean
Nexus seven is the firstly device to ship alongside Android 4.3, the newest version of Android. Tablets are perfect for sharing alongside others, then inwards Android 4.3, we're introducing restricted profiles, which allow you lot bound access to apps in addition to content. For example, restricted profiles enable parental controls, then sure enough identify unit of measurement members are prevented from accessing mature content. Likewise, retail stores tin purpose tablets to exhibit off production information, in addition to shops tin purpose tablets equally indicate of sale systems. Android 4.3 also at in i lawsuit supports Bluetooth Smart technology, opening the door to mobile apps that connect to novel devices similar fitness sensors. Android 4.3 is rolling out to Nexus devices starting today.

Ready to Play
The novel Google Play Games app brings your friends together alongside the games you lot love, where you lot tin invite a friend in addition to start challenging gamers around the world, compete for transcend achievements, in addition to race to the transcend of the leaderboard. You tin also savor the world’s largest collection of eBooks, brain to millions of music tracks in addition to immerse yourself inwards thousands of movies, TV shows, magazines in addition to apps on Google Play. Plus, Nexus seven comes loaded alongside your favorite Google apps, similar Chrome, Maps, YouTube, Gmail in addition to Google Now.

How to acquire Chromecast in addition to the novel Nexus 7
Starting today, the Chromecast device is available for $35 on Google Play, in addition to It volition survive available inwards Best Buy stores across the U.S. starting July 28. For a express time, you lot also acquire 3 months of Netflix included. More information available inwards Google Play.

Nexus seven starts at $229, in addition to is available inwards the U.S. starting fourth dimension July xxx (with to a greater extent than countries coming soon!). Buy Nexus seven online on Google Play, or depository fiscal establishment check it out at Best Buy, Gamestop, Walmart, Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Amazon, Home Shopping Network, Radio Shack, J&R in addition to B&H Photo. Nexus seven (LTE) is coming presently alongside back upwards for T-Mobile in addition to Verizon inwards the coming weeks. Learn to a greater extent than on our Nexus site.