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Doodle Four Google Is Back! Present The Footing What Makes Yous Unique

Today we’re kicking off the 2015 Doodle 4 Google fine art competition, where creative as well as curious students across the the United States vie to accept over the Google homepage for a twenty-four hours amongst their artwork. This year’s theme, “What makes me…me,” invites students K-12 to limited themselves inwards the shape of a doodle highlighting what makes them unique.

But hold back don’t exit those pencils only yet. This year, there’s a twist.

Doodle 4 Google is right away inwards its 8th twelvemonth (if Doodle 4 Google were a kid, it’d survive a tertiary grader)—so nosotros decided to mix things upwards a fighting to permit kids’ imaginations actually run wild. For the kickoff time, at that topographic point are no constraints on medium: students tin cook, build, cut, spin, paint, or mold their doodle–basically role whatsoever cloth they similar equally long equally they comprise the letters G-O-O-G-L-E. The Doodle squad itself has used a diversity of unexpected materials over the years; for example, 1 Earth Day, nosotros grew a bed of flowers to while out the doodle. So nosotros figured: let’s opened upwards the doors for all the creative kids out at that topographic point practise the same.
Here you lot tin regard how I decided to limited “me”! I made my doodle out of clay, baked it inwards the oven, as well as painted it amongst acrylic paint. The succulent was taken from my garden. See to a greater extent than tips from my squad of Doodlers on the Doodle 4 Google website.

We anticipate a whole lot of creative role of pottery, crochet, cookie dough as well as to a greater extent than past times students (although of course of pedagogy nosotros desire all the drawings as well as paintings too!), then nosotros figured nosotros demand some assistance picking out the winning artwork. We guide maintain an amazing grouping of invitee judges: professional person basketball game histrion Stephen Curry, astronaut physician Yvonne Cagle, managing director as well as writer BJ Novak, professional person soccer histrion Alex Morgan, Emmy-award winner Julie Bowen as well as animator Glen Keane (more on the judges on our site).

Together, amongst the Doodle Team, we’ll selection 1 National Winner who volition guide maintain their artwork displayed on the Google homepage for millions to see, have $30,000 towards a college scholarship, as well as run across as well as travel amongst the Doodle squad on a view to Mountain View, Calif. Plus, their schoolhouse volition larn to pass $50,000 on technology.

Submissions are opened upwards until Dec 7. And for teachers, depository fiscal establishment stand upwards for out some classroom ideas as well as activities to larn your immature artists laid to Doodle!

Today we’re kicking off the 2015 Doodle 4 Google fine art competition, as well as this twelvemonth there's a twist.


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