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Dive Into Bounding Main Calendar Week At Campsite Google

Dive Into Bounding Main Calendar Week At Campsite Google
Dive Into Bounding Main Calendar Week At Campsite Google
Today is the cause of Camp Google—an online summertime army camp built to spark as well as satisfy kids’ curiosities, with 4 weeks of alive adventures for students ages 7-10. This post service comes to us from Sylvia Earle, marine biologist as well as Explorer-in-Residence at National Geographic as well as the host of the kickoff calendar week of Camp Google. Tune inwards to Sylvia’s live final result at 12 p.m. PT today. -Ed.

The body of body of water kickoff got my attending during a identify unit of measurement catch to a New Bailiwick of Jersey beach when I was 3 years old—a moving ridge knocked me over! At historic menstruum 12, a motility to the Florida coast made the body of body of water my backyard, as well as I loved the abundance of life there—every 24-hour interval I encountered novel creatures similar starfish, sponges, horseshoe crabs, seaweed, as well as a wondrous array of pocket-size fish that I’d never seen before. I knew from as well as thus on that when I grew upwards I would endure a scientist thus I could maintain exploring, no affair what.

Now I acquire to portion my dearest for the body of body of water with a novel generation of adventurers every bit business office of Camp Google, a novel online army camp for curious kids, starting. During each of the 4 weeks of Camp Google, kids 7-10 tin dismiss explore unlike subjects past times joining alive adventures—from the depths of the Atlantic to the exceed of ane of the world’s most active volcanoes—and doing fun scientific discipline projects. Today at 12 p.m. PT, National Geographic diver Erika Bergman as well as I volition accept kids on the kickoff adventure—a live dive inwards the Atlantic Ocean. We’ll caput to the northernmost business office of Florida Reef Tract, the most extensive living coral reef arrangement inwards North America. Whether it endure the Hammerhead Reef or shipwrecks similar the Jay Scutti, it volition endure exciting to consider what we’ll honour downwardly there!

After the dive, kids tin dismiss acquire hands-on with a arrive at of activities to tending them empathize the scientific discipline behind what they’ve seen underwater. The activities are designed past times the Google engineers who map the oceans with Google Earth, as well as tin dismiss endure done with elementary household supplies. For example, we’ll learn virtually buoyancy as well as how things float inwards the body of body of water inwards an experiment with eggs, H2O as well as salt, as well as we’ll explore how dolphins piece of job sounds to consider underwater past times building a sonar system. As kids consummate these projects, they’ll earn army camp badges to celebrate the novel skills they learned, similar conquering echolocation (not bad for summertime vacation!). The activities are designed for kids to practise on their own, inwards groups with their friends, or with their families.

Following Ocean Week, kids tin dismiss boundary into Space Week with a NASA astronaut as well as VSauce where they volition tending create upwards infinite nutrient as well as acquire how astronauts consume inwards space. After that, they’ll caput to Hawaiʻi Volcanoes National Park with a National Park Ranger as well as Derek Muller to acquire to a greater extent than virtually how volcanoes form. And army camp ends inwards mode with Music Week, where kids tin dismiss jam amongst Zendaya to acquire virtually why music makes us desire to bust a move. We hosts can't facial expression to explore with you lot this summer, wherever you lot mightiness be!

The body of body of water is vast as well as a lot of it is unexplored—every fourth dimension I dive into the body of body of water there’s the possibility of finding something new. I’m excited to portion this spirit of uncovering with kids everywhere this summer. I promise through our dive as well as the balance of Camp Google, nosotros tin dismiss inspire kids to choke along yell for questions... as well as leave of absence at that spot to honour answers.

Update July 15: We heard that roughly of you lot weren't able to consider the alive stream—sorry virtually the rocky waters. But you lot tin dismiss straightaway select handgrip of the video at After you've heard from Sylvia as well as Erika, you lot tin dismiss acquire a fighting to a greater extent than virtually buoyancy as well as endeavor to make things float yourself!

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