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launching iPhone XS: Apple to announce new phones at launch event - live updates

Excitement is building as Apple prepares to unveil its new iPhones at a launch event in Cupertino, California later today.
Starting at 6pm in Apple's Steve Jobs Theatre, the iPhone giant is expected to reveal a trio of new handsets.
These will include the iPhone XS, an upgrade on its current premium iPhone X smartphone, a larger version with a 6.5-inch screen that may be named the iPhone XS Max, and a cheaper model, expected to be called the iPhone XR.
Apple seeks to keep its new smartphone releases under wraps, but a spate of last minute leaks have revealed significant details about the new handsets. A leak on Apple's own website unwittingly revealed the names of the new phones, which was discovered by Apple news website 9to5Mac.
And the latest news this afternoon is that the cheap iPhone XR could come in six colours, giving Apple fans plenty of new options for the phone.
The company is also expected to release a new Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Series 4.
The Telegraph will be following the action and be on the ground in California to bring you the latest updates.

iPhone XS and iPhone XR storage capacity and colours

The new leaks from Apple's own website suggest this breakdown of the storage size and colours that will be available on the three new smartphones.

iPhone XS

64GB, 256GB and 512GB in space gray, silver, gold

iPhone XS Max

64GB, 256GB and 512GB in space gray, silver, gold

iPhone XR

64GB, 128GB and 256GB in black, white, red, yellow, coral, blue

Apple share price dips ahead of event

Apple's share price has dropped ahead of today's iPhone XS launch, dipping around 1pc. Apple was the first US listed company to hit a trillion dollar valuation earlier this year. According to our report on Tuesday, short sellers, investors who bet that a company's share price will go down, have been piling in on Apple ahead of the big event.

iPhone XR colours revealed in website leak

It seems Apple may not to be keep many secrets out of the public eye before its new iPhone launches. We don't know a great deal about its cheaper iPhone XR, which is set to be its cheaper model with a 6.1-inch screen. But 9to5Mac reports that a leak of Apple's own website code has revealed the six colours the new phone will come in. These include black, white, red, yellow, coral and blue.

The Apple Store is down

Apple has taken down the main page of its online store ahead of the new release. It has been replaced with an Apple symbol with rainbow colours, a sign the company could be adding a host of new shades to its iPhone perhaps?


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