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iPhone And iPod Repair - How To Save Money And Get It Fixed Right

iPhone And iPod Repair - How To Save Money And Get It Fixed Right, Close To Home
Find someone who cares that your iPhone is broken and who can do something about it, and save money.
Let's say you have a 3G or 3GS iPhone with broken glass. IF you have insurance with the company which made it, you can ask them to fix it, but the cost is about $200. Ouch! The glass can be repaired by a local independent repair person for about $50. Saving 75% repairing your phone is saving real money. However, you must be careful when finding an independent repair person. You can use Google and simply put in: "iPhone Repair" and your town. You can also go to Craigs List, but you'll be better off if you don't. Here's why:

Craigs List is like a barroom-brawl gone bad - and the police are not coming.
Craigs List (CL) will come up with several repair persons in your general area. Unfortunately, there will also be people advertising there who should not be doing so. They don't know what they are doing. Few are legitimate business people. Fewer still have a business location. You want an iPhone repair person who has their act together:

1. They should offer a solid and clear guarantee for parts and labor, in writing.
They should have a place of business, or at least a physical address they are willing to give you in the event you end up exercising the guarantee. They should not have to use your kitchen table or the table at Star Bucks to do the repair.

2. They should have at least a few testimonials from happy customers.
Honesty is what you're looking for in any repair person, especially when it comes to iPhones. It is very easy to tell you that more is wrong with your phone than is actually wrong with it. Most dishonest repair persons will not have testimonials, or positive reviews on Google Places.

3. They must be able to give you clear and firm pricing for specific repairs BEFORE they start.
If they can't give you a firm price before fixing your phone it is an indication they are not very experienced.

WARNING! Please don't attempt to fix your own iPhone.
Why? It , there are You Tube videos showing you how. The trouble is they often don't work out:

A. The videos are not very good or detailed.
B. The goal of the You Tube videos is to sell you very highly priced parts.
C. Check out the comments on these videos because people destroy their iphones.

Water is often involved in an iPhone problem - don't dry it off and turn it on!
Before you even think about where you'll get your iPhone repaired, do this to limit the damage: Place your phone in a zip lock style baggie with plenty of white rice. Change the rice after the first 24 hours.

 The UNCOOKED white rice will draw out and absorb moisture from your phone, and may just save it. After 5 days in the rice, see if it will come on. If not, find a repair person, tell them what you have done. Ask them to simply install a new battery and try the phone. This works about 50% of the time. If it doesn't work, pay them $25 to $45 for the new battery. Go home and put the phone on eBay or Craigs List and tell the story. If the phone is a 3GS it will still bring about $100.

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