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Best Android Apps that Reduce Eyestrain

Best Android Apps that Reduce Eyestrain
Best Android Apps that Reduce Eyestrain
Blue spectrums of light are bad for your eyes, especially at night when you’re using your device in a dark. This can cause poor sleep and also can lead to serious eye problems if you do this regularly.
3 Best Android Apps that Reduce Eyestrain
The thing is, most Android devices don’t have a built-in Night Mode feature, so in this article, we’re going to show you 3 best and popular light-filtering apps available in the Play Store—Twilight, Bluelight Filter and CF.Lumen.
These light-filtering apps changes the color temperature of the screen towards the yellowish part of the color spectrum that reduces blue light emitted by your phone’s screen—to help you sleep better and reduce eyestrain.

1. Twilight

One of the most popular app whose main purpose is to help you sleep better. Twilight is pretty great app to reduce the color temperature, and lower the light intensity emitted by phone’s display. The app adapts your phone’s display to the time of the day by mounting a soft red filter over your display to protect your eyes. Within the app’s options you can set many different parameters to suit your needs. There’s also an option that allows you to create profiles, so you can set custom filters for a particular time.
Twilight is available free version and the Pro version. The free version only lets you create a couple of profiles, so if you want more profiles, you can try the Pro version of the app—which is great if you share your Android device with someone. The Pro version also allows you to control transition time for sunset and sunrise.Download Twilight

2. Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Bluelight Filter is also a great app that helps you to feel more comfortable and to fall asleep more easily. This app doesn’t dim your screen but adjusts the screen color to reduce the blue light which helps your eyes to relax, making it easier for you to fall asleep. You can easily set the intensity and the brightness levels by adjusting the sliders to your desire.
Bluelight Filter also allows you to show or hide a filter icon in the notification bar—making it easier to tweak the settings at anytime.
Download Bluelight Filter

3. The Root Option: CF.Lumen

Twilight and Bluelight Filter are great apps, but if your Android phone is rooted, you can choose a more powerful app like CF.Lumen.
CF.Lumen is another of those light-filtering apps that provides some usual filters for your screen. As it requires root, the app is able to work at the display level. Instead of simply drawing over the screen, it uses a custom driver to directly control which colors the display physically shows.
There’s Pro version available that allows you to unlock the option to start the app upon device boot and remove a few nags. However, the free version is good enough for most users.
Download CF.Lumen
Of course, you can also find other light-filtering apps too, with similar features, but they’re not as good as the one’s we’ve mentioned above. We know that most of you can’t spend a day without looking at your phone, so try any of these apps to keep your eyes safe from straining. And there’s plenty of research that suggests filtering blue light from your devices will help you sleep better and reduce eyestrain.
Image credit: StockSnap/Pixabay