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why is Easter not in my iphone calendar, Fixed

Many iPhone users complaint about missing the Easter and Good Friday on the 2018 iCalender in iOS 11. While looking for the Good Friday and Easter Holiday on US Holidays calendar supplied on the Apple devices the users found none of these holidays listed there . However this is not a case with every holiday as some of religious holidays are there but Easter and Good Friday are missing from iPhone calendar.
However there are rumors that Good Friday & Easter are dropped in US but available in other countries like Australia.

In case you are still looking to find a way to add Easter holiday to add to your calendar you can chose one from listed below:

Workaround 1: Subscribe to new US calendar in settings
Please copy the link and paste it into the Subscribe to Calendar dialog. You should go through Settings > Accounts & Passwords > Add Account > Other > Add Subscribed Calendar.

Workaround 2: One click subscribe
To subscribe to the revised iCal US Holidays calendar. Just click on the “Subscribe to Calendar” button in the following link to add it to your calendars.

Workaround 3: Add Easter date manually
you can add a preferred date for Easter manually; see this link:

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