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Unable to access Safari lock up malware on iPhone

Many users all of sudden found that the  Safari on iPhone is locked up by a malware and they are not able to access it. When the users tried open the Safari browser, it went to a URL "” and keep on flashing.   User is not able to enter anything on the safari browser and making safari totally unusable. 

It seems to be some kind of virus which high jacked the safari functionality. When you will open the safari the screen lists a Support  number (********) and
error message stating :
Your device has been locked due to detected illegal activity!  Immediately call Apple Support to unlock it.
We're here to help."

To fix Sarai affected by Virus issue you can try below possible solutions:
Fix 1: Clear safari website data
Go into settings, click on safari, scroll down and click on advance, click on web data click on remove all website data. It closes the windows so you can start over.

Fix 2: Use 3D touch to open new tab
Easiest way to get rid of that is too close out Safari, hard press to wake up 3D touch ono the Safari icon and choose new tab. From there you can open your tabs and close that page

Fix 3: open link from external app
You can make work safari by clicking on an internet link within an email in iphone mail.  You will be able to access safari and remove the pages causing the pop up issue without deleting any web data.

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