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iPhone X/8 stuck on restoring media while iCloud restore [Fix]

Many iPhone X users while restoring old iPhone backup from iCloud backup are facing issue that iPhone gets stuck at “restoring media”. The restore finishes with messages and all apps loaded well but no photos/vidoes. When the users tried to Check status of the restore, it is found to be stuck at “restoring media” without any further activity. For many users the iPhone x and iPhone 8 are stuck at “restoring media” for more than 30 hours and the camera roll are not loading properly.

The issue is majorly reported while iPhone users tried to restore backup from iCloud. Not only iPhone X but the iPhone 8 plus with iOS11 is also reported with this “restoring media” issue.

How to fix iPhone X stuck at restoring media error:
In case you are also facing this issue and looking for a fix, below is the fix that has helped many other iPhone X/8 users to complete the restore without the error.
Step 1. On your iPhone, Go to iTunes -> More -> Downloads
Step 2.  You should see some media downloading in the queue stuck in the “Waiting” status
Step 3.  In iTunes -> Music scroll down to the very bottom and select "Apple ID" and then "Sign Out"
Step 4.  Go to Settings -> iTunes & App Stores
Step 5.  Now Turn off all automatic downloads
Step 6.  Select "Apple ID" and then "Sign Out"
Step 7.  Go to Settings -> Music turn off "iCloud Music Library" and "Automatic Downloads" then Sign Out of "Home Sharing"
Step 8.  Then restart your phone and sign back into iTunes. When you go to iCloud Backup, instead of "Restoring Media" you will see "Back Up Now" and the issue should be resolved.

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