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iPhone X missing battery percentage icon on screen fix

Apple new featured packed iPhone X miss the handy battery percentage in status bar of home screen. It’s a usable feature that many of us rely on to monitor how our battery is performing. As apple has done many redesigning in new iPhone X but due to redesign iPhone X’s battery percentage, because of the lack of space caused by the notch! –it just takes up too much space to include it as well as your battery icon. So you cannot see battery icon for now.

How to get the battery icon on iPhone X screen:
Right now using Control Center is the primary way you can only see the battery percentage on an iPhone X. Just bring up the control center by pulling it on the screen and the you should be able to see the battery icon.

Restart the device:Many iPhone users confirms that issue resolves temporarily after restarting the device but it is quite possible that the issue comes back in a day or two.

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