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iPhone X camera red eye with flash issue

Many iPhone X users are notice bright eye issue while taking photos. It’s very difficult to take any portrait or people photos with the flash as the red eye issue is with iPhone X camera. Almost Every photo taken with flash is having red eye. The red eye issue is mostly reported in low light photos. No problems except in low light with the flash. Sometimes even edit mode can’t remove red eye.

To remove red eye from iPhone X, For adding filters and doing edits like removing red eye on iPhone X you don’t need any third party app. The default photos app can be used to remove red eye issue from iPhone X takend photo. Apple does have way to fix the issue-> While in photos click edit in the top right corner and then the eye with a line through it in the top left corner.
The issue is very annoying as the user have never faced this issue for such a great extent with older iPhone 6s and iphone 7 Plus.

Surely this is a major fault/issue in iPhone X camera quality and apple should focus on fixing this issue ASAP as it may be reported by large customers in short period of time. And Apple may be facing too many return request.

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