iPhone X Bluetooth not working

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iPhone X Bluetooth not working - Hallo Friends Tech info this time the admin will share the tech articles to all of you iPhone X Bluetooth not working the development of the digital world is now very fast and our discussion this time is about

Tech Tittle : iPhone X Bluetooth not working
Article : iPhone X Bluetooth not working
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iPhone X Bluetooth not working

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Apple’s latest flagship iPhone X is catching bad press for Bluetooth issues. iPhone X is great and have one of advanced and unique feature but it just drops Bluetooth all the time and runs hot when you actually use it.

Apple Watch and Bose wireless headphones won't connect to iPhone X and Keeps on dropping and reconnecting. Bluetooth has already started troubling iPhone X users with connectivity issues to cars like BMW, Mercedes and Audi and other devices. Even with the Apple watch, iPhone X have connectivity issue and drop in connection. Some users find that when clicked on the bluetooth icon on the screen you may get a grey box saying bluetooth is rebooting.
For some users Bluetooth connected well to car and worked fine but after some time the user hear nothing. Don’t seem to be a hardware issue because it’s affecting so many iPhone X devices only.The issue is even reported with  iPhone X with iOS 11.2 beta 4. However the issues are not reported by all iPhone X users but with few only.

Fix 1: Reset all setting
Go to Settings . General > Reset and reset all settings then try to pair your phone again to car/gadgets. But please note that resetting device will cause to erasing all data, so please take necessary backup before doing this.

Fix 2: Rename your device
On your iPhone X make sure you change the name to anything other than “iPhone” or the old name that was paired to the car. Now re-pair as new device and check if it helps.

Fix 3: Get your device replaced

As mentioned earlier, this seems to Bluetooth hardware issue with iPhone X. Make an appointment at your Apple Store Genius Bar. Many users have commented that with a replacement iPhone X all issues disappeared.

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