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iPhone: what is meaning of “Disconnecting Nearby Wi-Fi Until Tomorrow”

Just after upgrading  iPhone  and iPad Air to iOS 11.2 and many users when toggle Bluetooth and wifi from control centre, a pop comes up with this notification that  “Disconnecting Nearby Wi-Fi Until Tomorrow”, Similar is the case for Bluetooth with message "Disconnecting Bluetooth Devices Until Tomorrow." . The message is ambiguous as it appears that user won’t be able to connect to Bluetooth-needed devices again and that user won’t be able to use home internet again.

What does these message means in iOS 11.2
It means in iOS 11 (not just 11.2) when you turn off Bluetooth and WiFi in control centre, it doesn’t really turn it off, but only disconnects from your accessories until tomorrow. If you need to reconnect you can turn on Bluetooth or WiFi again and it will reconnect to them again. You just disconnect it from the current connection. You can re-connect anytime. Nothing has changed, it is just iPhone try to connect until tomorrow. You aren’t locked out. You don’t need to reconnect manually tomorrow, it will do it automatically. If you have observe the wifi keeps on turning itself after sometimes in, this happens after one day after toggled off.

From Apple support document :
The new messages will appear the first time the Control Centre toggles are used. Subsequent uses will show a message at the top that reads "Disconnecting Nearby Wi-Fi Networks Until Tomorrow" or "Disconnecting Bluetooth Devices Until Tomorrow." While Apple's new pop-ups offer a better explanation than was previously available, there are other situations where Wi-Fi or Bluetooth might be turned back on sooner than one day. When you use the Wi-Fi toggle in Control Center, Wi-Fi is disabled until one of the following conditions occurs:
- Wi-Fi is reactivated using Control Center
- You connect to a Wi-Fi network using Settings > Wi-Fi
- You walk or drive to a new location
- It's 5:00 a.m. local time
- Your iOS device is restarted

When you use the Bluetooth toggle in Control Center, Bluetooth is disabled until one of the following conditions occurs:

- Bluetooth is reactivated using control Center
- You connect to a Bluetooth accessory in Settings > Bluetooth
- It's 5:00 a.m. local time
- Your iOS device is restarted

Turning off wifi or Bluetooth from control does not permanently turn them off but To more permanently disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on an iOS device running iOS 11, it's necessary to go to the Settings app and toggle these features off in the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sections.

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