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iPhone voice memos is not playing via bluetooth speaker [Fix]

iPhone users on iOS11 are facing issue with playing voice memos over Bluetooth speakers. The voice memo will not get played at all but rather starts playing over the iphone. Interstigly everything rest on iPhone like Music app and games play through the speaker, it’s just Voice Memos that does not. Bluetooth is already connected but doesn't play. The issue is independent of speakers as it happens with almost all speakers Bose mini, Beats X etc.

The issue is reported with almost app versions of iphone 6/7/8 and iphone x as well on recent iOS11. This does seems to be a bug for voicememo only for Bluetooth speakers. If play voice memo it does not work though the speaker is connected to Bluetooth. Play the Voice Memos, the audio auto switches from bluetooth speaker to the speaker on my iphone. Not sure if Apple has designed the voice memo not to work over a bluetooth device or it’s a bug in iOS 11. But the users are looking to get fixed from Apple.

How to fix iPhone voice memo not playing over Bluetooth speakers:

Fix 1: Connect Bluetooth while in voice Memo app
The solution is to connect the Bluetooth device while in the Voice Memo app, and press play on the device, not on the app. But you have to keep doing that every time you exit the app.

Fix 2: Add voice memo  to note
As a workaround you can try adding Voice memo to a note via "Add to note" and then it plays over the connected speaker. This works well overs Bluetooth speakers.

Fix 3: Play voice memo from speaker
Try to Email the voice memo file to yourself and then open it from your inbox and it will then play via Bluetooth on Bluetooth connection fine.

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