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iPhone safari error “this connection is not private”

Many iPhone 6s/7/8  and iPhone X users are facing issue that while browsing over safari some time the error screen is shown on iPhone with error message “this connection is not private” . This can be any site or even some genuine sites like for some case Safari message blocking from accessing AT&T site.

The issue can be even reported while you try to join some Wireless network and you can see the error message as shown in pic. This won’t let you join the network. The issue is frequently seen with iOS11 update, when the phone automatically updated to iOS11, many secure settings are now saying not secure.

So many users are looking to bypass "this connection is not private" error message in Safari. It looks like latest iOS safari has some security updates which might be causing it. It is probably related to the secure certificate issued by that website. Any secure website (https) has such a certificate and it must check out with the authority that issued it. Your browser does all of that behind the scenes. 

It may be that you need to remove the certificate from your iphone/ipad/Mac or you will not get the correct one from their site. You do that in Keychain Access, but it is not as simple as looking for a certificate there with the name of the site you are using. So please try that only when you know how to do it for particular site. Or  to avoid message “this connection is not private” issue while accessing website you may try to try another browser as a test.
-Firefox        10.9 or higher
-Opera Browser        10.9 or higher
-SeaMonkey      10.9 or higher
-Waterfox          10.8 or higher

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