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iPhone notification pauses video issue fix

Many iPhone 6/7/8 and iPhone X are facing issue in new iOS11 released by Apple that while watching any kind of video and get a notification, that will pause video which user is watching. This is happening while online videos as well like on YouTube, NetFlix etc.
One user quoted as “I have a brand new iPhone X and I am experiencing the same problem it is very annoying. I’ll be playing music or Netflix and when I get a notification it pauses my video/ music.”

The issue is reported with music and video, and same problem with new iPhone 8 and iPhone X, iOS 11.1.2 like whenever receive a notifications whatever is playing in iPhone either music or watching videos, it pauses.  The issue is also seen playing music via a bluetooth speaker. Most of the time the issue is created by snapchat notifications which pauses video or music.

Notification is received it will completely pause a video or song without automatically resuming and u have to press play even if your phone is on vibrate without noises.

Fix 1: To fix snapchat notification pausing video:
Since the issue is mostly reported with snapchat it is possible that the issue is caused by snapchat. To  fix any snapchat issue just go to settings and clear cache and clear all of it.

Fix 2: Turn off sound setting
Turn off the sounds for the notifications, this may help to fix the issue. Goto->settings->sound->turn of the settings. This has helped many users specially for Bluetooth affected cases.

Fix 3: Upgrade to latest iOS

It is also possible that it’s a bug in latest iOS11 released by Apple. So it is recommended that its good habit to upgrade to latest iOS version to fix such issues.

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