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iPhone Green Flickering during FaceTime and flashing light

Many iPhone 7/7 plus user while using Facetime are facing issue that every time making  FaceTime  calls, users  notices  little screen where one can see himself, flickers with green . It turns green after a period of time whilst a call is going on, It gets very annoying. iPhone has best camera in mobile phones competition but this does not seems to issue with camera quality. It is very irritating and difficult to understand Why does FaceTime call turn GREEN? 

How to Fix FaceTime calls turning Green :  

Fix 1: Turn off auto brightness
 Go to settings -> Then Display  -> And turn off auto brightness. This seems to be cause of the issue. Please try this one and check again.

Fix 2: Turn off the portrait mode in iPhone
Go to Settings->Photos and Camera and in portrait mode section ‘turn normal photo on’.  This is interesting that while issue happens Rotate the phone 90 degrees and the flickering goes away. The landscape aspect ratio is not great but it is better than the flickering.

Fix 3: Upgrade the iOS version

Keep upgrading your iPhone to latest iOS released by Apple which can include fix for such issues.

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