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iPhone banner notification text misplaced iOS11

Many iPhone users including on iPhone 7+, iPhone 8 and iPhone X are facing issue with lock screen notification on iPhone screen in iOS 11. The lock screen notification text is not placed properly in the screen it seems that notification text is not fitting to border and slipping off the area. This is the very annoying bug in iOS 11 as notification looks messed up.
Any notification longer than a single line have this issue where the second or third line are going out of notification area or the the preview notifications does not expand properly.

It seems that the text in lock screen notification go out of bounds and placed all over the screen looking very clumsy. For some user it happens intermittently for some user it happens even on Apple App notifications every time for every single notification.
What is more annoying is sometimes the user is not able to clear these distorted lock screen notification from their iPhone. Apple does not have any updates on this and seems to be a bug in iPhone as notification screen is not displaying any notification completely and is cosmetic bug.

How to fix iPhone lock screen notification text out of preview issue:

There are no permanent fix for the issue however you may try turning notifications for reminders off and back on and then hopefully the cut off notifications should go away. Please consider upgrading to latest iOS released by Apple as permanent fix for this bug is expected to be fixed soon by iPhone developers.

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