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Update: A new image suggests that the iPhone 9 will have thicker screen surrounds than the iPhone XI. Plus it looks like the phone will come in a new variety of colors, with one analyst reporting that it's set to come in blue and orange as well as red, grey and white.
Apple is tipped to be launching three handsets again this year, but this is where things are a little less clear. There are several rumors pointing to a larger version of the iPhone X - an iPhone X Plus, if you will - and that could line up alongside the iPhone XI and a cheaper new iPhone (or iPhone 9).
That means we may not see a direct successor to the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone 8 update may actually be a less premium variant - but again, it's unclear at the moment.
Apple is poised to launch a cheaper iPhone 9 in 2018, and whether or not it goes by that specific name, we expect a new all-screen iPhone closer to the iPhone 8price than the iPhone X price.
Of course, we do expect an new flagship phone too in the form of the iPhone XIwith a September launch window, but everyone holding out for a more affordable device from Apple should look no further than the iPhone 9.
That means we may not see a direct successor to the iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone 8 update may actually be a less premium variant - but again, it's unclear at the moment.
We don't have any solid information on the iPhone 9 at this point, but rumors are starting to increase in volume, pointing to a larger screen and a mix of a iPhone 8 and iPhone X features.
You'll find all the information so far in the sections below, followed by a wishlist of sorts, comprised of features that we really want Apple to double-down on for 2018's smartphone.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? A cheaper upgrade we're dubbing 'iPhone 9'
  • When is it out? Probably a September 2018 launch
  • What will it cost? A lot, but less than the iPhone XI

iPhone 9 release date and price

The iPhone 9 will almost certainly land in September 2018, given Apple's typical release date schedule, and given that a September launch has been rumored.
When it does it's sure to be expensive - though possibly less so than you might expect. 
The main price rumor we've heard comes from renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who claims the iPhone 9 could cost $600-$700 (around £450-£530, AU$810-AU$950), which would potentially make it cheaper than the iPhone 8.
That's also lower than an earlier price rumor of $700-$800 (around £500-£570, AU$870-AU$990) from the same source.
Whatever the case, it should be priced far below the iPhone X, and likely well below the iPhone XI - if such a phone launches.
The cost might further be kept down slightly if Apple decides not to bundle a 3.5mm headphone adaptor with it, as one analyst reckons might happen. But that just means you'll have to buy one separately if you have normal wired headphones.
Apple may also be looking to make its iPhone range more accessible, and with no sign of the iPhone SE2 any time soon, it may fall to the new iPhone to provide a more attractive entry point to the Cupertino based firm's smartphone line.

iPhone 9, new iPhone or something else?

What's more certain is that Apple will probably go back to the drawing board when it comes to naming. 
While iPhone 9 is the next logical step for Apple's stock handset, there's a chance we'll see it drop the numerical part of the name and go for a cleaner 'new iPhone' moniker.
We've already seen it do this with the iPad, and its Mac and Macbook lines are also devoid of numbers, so aligning the iPhone range with the rest of its portfolio makes sense.
There are also rumors that Apple may use the 'S' addition for the iPhone XI and iPhone X Plus (e.g. iPhone XS and XS Plus) - so keep an eye out for a potential iPhone 8S as well.

iPhone 9 news and leaks

It's worth noting that the iPhone 9 probably isn't the iPhone XI. The latter is expected to be the super-premium successor to the iPhone X, while the iPhone 9 is likely to be more of a sequel to the iPhone 8 - and perhaps called the new iPhone.
That assumes Apple continues to split its range up in such a way, but early iPhone 9 rumors suggest it will, and one of the rumors includes a render video, showing how the phone might look.
As you can see in the video below, it looks a lot like the iPhone X, but with a single-lens camera. The source adds that it has a 6.1-inch OLED screen.
 Apple will launch a 6.1-inch handset with lesser specs than other 2018 iPhone models.
This phone will supposedly have an aluminum (rather than stainless steel) frame and according to Kuo will have an LCD (rather than OLED) screen, but could have just a 0.5mm bezel.
It's also said to have a single-lens camera and innards that are more reminiscent of the iPhone 8 than the iPhone X, as the chart below details.
Kuo also notes that the resolution of the 6.1-inch model (which we'll call the iPhone 9) could be lower, at 320-330 pixels per inch (ppi), while the iPhone XI could have a screen of 458ppi or more, and that it could have 3GB of RAM while the other upcoming models might have 4GB.
Most surprisingly, he says that it may not have 3D Touch, a feature every iPhone since the iPhone SE has had. The last piece of information we've had from Kuo refers to the color choices for the iPhone 9.
He believes the 6.1-inch iPhone will come in normal Apple colors like white, grey and red as well as bolder looks of blue and orange. Kuo also believes the larger and more expensive iPhone XI will come in white, black and gold.
For the iPhone 9 we've also seen schematics that possibly show the phone, which you can see below. Alongside them dimensions of 147.12 x 71.52mm were revealed.
While the design looks to be broadly similar to that of the iPhone XI, it looks like the iPhone 9 might have thicker screen surrounds, as reputable leaker Ice universe has shared an image of tempered film for the three upcoming phones, showing that the mid-size one (the cheaper model that we're calling the iPhone 9) has exactly that.
This isn't the only talk of a 6.1-inch iPhone 9 either. Prior to all this we'd heard rumors of a 6.1-inch LCD phone elsewhere, with the source - who's supposedly privy to Apple's product designs - adding that it might have a metal back.
That would be an odd move when Apple switched to glass for all of 2017's models, a switch which also allowed for wireless charging, so if the iPhone 9 really does have a metal back you might not be able to charge it wirelessly.
However, while most rumors point to a 6.1-inch screen, one of the most recent rumors is that it will actually be 6.0 inches, and that it will have a single-lens rear camera and a TrueDepth front-facing one.
That's something we've heard before, as unnamed supply chain sources have supposedly said that a lower price handset will include Face ID, though they also said it might have an OLED screen, which recent rumors dispute.
Further confusing matters, while most sources reckon that Apple will launch three new iPhones in 2018 and that two of them will be OLED-packed iPhone X successors, one source claims that two (a 5.7 to 5.8-inch one and a 6.0 to 6.1-inch one) will be LCD, while only one will be OLED.
We've also heard reports that Apple might include a fast charger in the box with the iPhone 9 and any other 2018 iPhone models, letting you juice it up quickly, though given that this is likely to be a cheaper handset than the iPhone XI the company might reserve this for its flagship.
In more minor news we've also heard that the iPhone 9 might use an Intel modem. With current iPhone models there's a split between Intel and Qualcomm ones, but Apple is rumored to be relying purely on Intel in 2018.
And an Apple patent suggests that the company is working on a single-lens camera that can sense depth like a dual-lens one, making it ideal for Portrait Mode. We wouldn't expect to see this on the iPhone 9, but it's possible, and could give it iPhone X-like camera skills with one less lens and likely at a lower cost.

What we'd like to see

Before we knew any rumors about the iPhone 9, we put together the list below on what we'd like to see from the new handset.

A Home button, one last time

What once was a hardware staple for the iPhone is well on its way out. If you buy an iPhone X, you'll get a glimpse into Apple's home button-less future, which is now, well, its present.
After some adjustment time, most will forget about the trusty button's absence in the iPhone X, but it'd be a nice send-off if Apple kept the home button for one last appearance in the iPhone 9.

Touch ID

As well as losing the home button, the iPhone X also lost Touch ID - something we weren't all that happy about. 
While Face ID works well, there are still occasions where a fingerprint scanner would be more useful. We don't mind if Apple pops it on the rear, but what we'd really love to see if its embedded in the display itself. Yum.

AirPods included

Apple is ahead of most smartphone manufacturers in that it includes a set of earbuds in each and every box. But once the headphone jack disappeared in the iPhone 7, you could either listen to music with the Lightning-connected EarPods or charge the phone, but not both.
While it's unlikely, it'd be a dream come true if the iPhone 9 came with AirPodsincluded in the box. Apple's easy-to-lose but beloved wireless headphones would be a huge selling point for the next iPhone.
This way, you can enjoy some tunes wirelessly while your phone is charging.

Wireless charging

Apple's investment in wireless charging is young, though it's essential enough that we'd be pleased to see it show up in the iPhone 9.
Moving from the iPhone 7 to the 8, enabling the wire-free charging feature required Apple to make the phone's back all-glass, as to allow the charging signal pass through the device.
Keeping this feature hints that the iPhone 9 might not look all that different from what's available today, and will likely be just as easy to break.

AMOLED display

Apple reportedly lacked the resources to put AMOLED displays in any phone except its new iPhone X. Give the supply chain about six to eight months to calibrate and Apple should see about using the impressive display tech in the iPhone 9.
It’s a bit baffling for the company to dodge including a AMOLED display in the iPhone 8, only to reserve it for the high-end iPhone X. 
We'd like to see the richer colors and deep blacks that only this type of screen can provide to come to the next iPhone, namely the iPhone 9.

Dual rear-facing cameras

The iPhone 9 will feature a set of dual rear-facing cameras – that much is almost certain. However, as it has done in the past few years, Apple will only include it in the plus-sized model, the iPhone 9 Plus.
It'd be an awesome move for the company to give this feature to those who don't want to shell out plus-sized dollars, but still want all of the bells and whistles associated with Apple’s nifty feature. 
Adjusting portrait lighting and shooting photos with depth is great to have on your phone as a DSLR replacement. And as Apple continues to pour its efforts into these competitive features, it’d be wise to homogenize the results from its broad range of devices moving forward.

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