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iPhone 8 plus/7+ back camera black screen issue

Apple has recently launched its two hi-tech phones, iPhone X and iPhone 8 Plus. Both these models are reviewed great in the market and making a great sale for Apple. But being so technology advanced models there are many bugs/issues reported by many iPhone users who bought these sets.  The black screen in iPhone camera issue is not new in iPhone as it was previously reported with older iPhone version like iPhone 5s and iPhone 7/7plus with older iOS version.

iPhone 8 Rear camera showing black screen
iPhone 8 Rear camera showing black screen

This is weird that such costly phones have camera issues and  is even reported with latest version of iOS 11 and iPhone 8. One such camera issues is reported by many iPhone 8 plus users that after few weeks use the back camera of the iPhone8 plus is black screen but still captures pictures. It seems like the camera actually never started internally and only a black screen is shown to user but it takes pictures when tried with side buttons. Whereas when the fresh purchase is made the back camera was working find but after some use the camera stopped working of iPhone 8 Plus. However the front camera seems to work normally without any issues.
What is more interesting is that Camera and flash works fine using third party applications like Facebook but not on iPhone itself. This becomes a really annoying to many users that "why is the camera on my iphone black?"

How to fix iPhone camera showing black screen
Workaround 1: Test with third party camera App
It is just a workaround to make sure camera software start fine. Download and install "Awesome Camera" app or any other app from AppStore and take a picture with that app. After 1-2 seconds of standby, it will work. Then switch back to default Camera app which should work fine now. Please let me know if this works also for you.
Fix 1 : Hard Reset your iPhone 8 Plus:
The hard rebooting iPhone 8 is different than earlier version. First quickly press and release the Volume Up button, then do the same with Volume Down and finally hold down the Side button (power buttong) to force a restart.

Fix 2  : Hard reboot and Reset the iPhone
This may take around 10 seconds. If it worked find, the screen will turn black and then the Apple logo will appear onscreen as the iPhone 8 begins to restart.
Erase your iPhone or iPad. by going to Settings > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings. The set up your device as new when prompted to set up your device. Check to see if erasing and setting up as a new device resolved your camera issue. If your problem is gone, restore your device from your backup in  iTunes.

Fix 3: Check for Hardware Failure
The issue can be a hardware issue. So it is strongly recommended to take this to Apple genuine bar and get a replacement as like many users did in case it is found to be hardware failure.

It is also recommended to upgrade to latest iOS version available as any camera related software glitch might be fixed by Apple from time to time.

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