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iPhone 7/8 : Remove music app from lock screen iOS 11

After upgrading to new iOS 11 many iPhone users are finding iOS 11 music player on lock screen. However some users don’t find this valuable as they don’t use music player much and want to see notification instead of it. ios 11 music controls on lock screen is taking space on the screen and taking up valuable space. 

The issue is strange as every one of apps is closed and it still shows the music controls on the lock screen. When you turn off the music app, you should get rid of that widget from the lock screen of your iPhone or iPad. But of late, people have complained that music player widget keeps pestering them as it doesn’t disappear even after turning off the app. ios 11 music widget stays on the lock screen.

A quick fix for the issue is to close your music app and restart the iPhone. Touch and hold the icon until it vibrates and an "x" appears in upper left corner. Click on that x and the "Delete" option that appears. 

Now reboot your iPhone/iPad the issue should be fix and iOS 11 music controls on lock screen should disappear.

How to remove the music player from the lock screen in iOS 11:

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings > Music and turn off “Show Apple Music”. Than Go to Settings-Music- Turn off Show Apple Music - then restart your phone.  This may help tp fix the issue until the phone connects to car or wireless headphones again. For many users this happens to me whenever  turn on Apple TV from IPhone 7  or iPhone 8. This seems to be a Bluetooth bug in iOS11. Any bluetooth media app will trigger this to occur.

The latest update does NOT fix this bug, and it is ABSOLUTELY a bug.  Any bluetooth interaction causes "iphone music" to appear on the lock screen even if NO apps are running whatsoever.  iOS is completely riddled with bugs.

Hopefully Apple sees this issue and provide any fix in upcoming release of iOS as this is very annoying issue for many users who keep on checking notification for many reasons.

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