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iPhone 6s/7/8/X: Music keeps pausing and skipping after updating to iOS11

Many iPhone 6s/7 users or even latest iPhone X and iPhone 8 plus users are facing issue on iOS 11 with music app that Music keeps pausing / skipping automatically. This is sometime happening very quickly. Siri would be activated, music would skip and pause, it was very annoying. The music will randomly pause or skip to new song at some random place in the song. Sometimes it works fine, and sometimes it will do this so frequently that makes it very annoying to listen to music. The music app issue started after upgrading iPhone to iOS11 (iOs11.2).  Even when played music out of the phone speakers and had the same pausing issues. The issue is reported with good data connection and WIFI connections and seems to independent of data speed.
Affected devices: iPhone 5, iPhone 6/6s, Iphone 7/7plus, iPhone 8/8plus and iPhone X

The issue is also reported when users connect iPhone music to wireless speaker the audio playback skips and often disconnects itself. The problem is not only for music apps but for also on other apps such as podcasts, audible books, spotify. What is more worrying is that latest iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X have music pausing and skipping issue.  This seems to be linked with notification received on iPhone, eg on snapchat notification is received the music pauses but it happens even when user don’t get a notification. There seems to be a connection between the playback pausing and receiving a notification. Even the music skips when listening to it via Bluetooth in a vehicle.
iOS 11.2.1 is version when many iPhone X owners seemed to start the music interruption issue. One user reported the issue as
I was having the same problem where as when I get notifications my youtube video will pause and my music would stop when opening Snapchat or getting a message on Snapchat but I turned off my airdrop and it stopped pausing a canceling my music when opening Snapchat”.

To Fix this issue please try below solution and check if they helps:
Fix 1: Reinstall the music app
It could be a reason that after upgrade to new iOS the music app is nor working properly. In this case Try deleting the music app and reinstalling it.
Fix 2: re-download songs
This could be seemingly due to the file table for music being corrupted on the iPhones after iOS upgrade. Remove the download and download these songs again. Worked for many users in past years as this problem even predates Apple Music (it was also present with iTunes Match).

Fix 3: Resync iTunes
If it is due to  corruption issue of some sort in music app, if you use itunes and resync/reinstall all songs from iTunes, the song should not skip anymore.

Fix 4:Buy new adapter and earphones
[iPhone 7 onwards] Test it with other earphones and  new adapter: it may be the 3.5mm jack to lightning adapter issue. Please buy new adapter and new headphones (Should cost around $30). For some iPhone 7 user this stopped music app song auto shuffle issue.

Fix 5: Turn off Siri
Siri can be one issue causing false signal to disturbed music playback. Turn off "Hey Siri" and test music app.    

Fix 6: Disable raise to wake

Make sure your iPhone orientation is locked and turn off raise to wake feature by Going to Settings=> Display & Brigthness => disable the Raise to Wake. 

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