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iPhone 6s/7 unable to delete location from suggested maps

Many iPhone 5s/6s/7, iPhone 8 and iPad user are sometimes facing the issue that the Maps app on both iPhone and iPad shows addresses which cannot be deleted. Even on ios 11 on new iphone X/8 the problem is reported. The maps appearing the app is not necessary the place where user has visited or has future plans to travel. The map address seems to be coming from the company location who has sent email to the users. 

The location will appear under favorites suggested Map locations  and not able to delete them using normal process. You can swipe and click on remove. That removes the address, but in a couple seconds the entry reappears. The issue is very annoying as irrelevant maps are shown always.

To remove unwanted locations from iPhone favorite maps app you can try below solutions:

Fix 1: Clear maps history
Goto Settings>Privacy>Location Services >System Services (at bottom of page)>Significant Services (end of column)> then you will see an area to clear all those locations.

Fix 2: Turn off iCloud Maps
 If the deleted maps are reappearing again that quite possible that the issue created due to iCloud sync. To stop this go into settings, tap on my Name at the top of settings, tap on iCloud, and then turn off iCloud for Maps. It will remove all the synced history if you turn it off.

Fix 3: Use direction to delete the location

If swiping left on the location only let you to share, but not to delete as with other entries.  Search for the business name in Spotlight, now click on the result that showed 'driving directions' to the offending location, and now you should be able to swipe left to delete.

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