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iPhone 6/7/8 : What is exclamation mark with blurred photo in iOS11

Some iPhone users are seeing exclamation mark on side of photos in iPhone.  This is strange as no message or information is provided with it and is just an exclamation mark on the corner of a photo without any explanation. The exclamation mark is also seen on iPhone7/8 is also on iOS 11. Many user are not aware of this indicator and gets worried as this is related to their iPhone photo album.

Meaning of exclamation mark in iPhone photo album is that you are using iCloud Photo library, and the specific photo’s full-size original could not be loaded from iCloud due to some reasons. This could be due to lack of a network connection or poor WIFI signal, or in worst case it could be file corruption on iCloud’s end . There can be chances  that not all photo have this marks and particular photo from iCloud library is facing issues while downloading.  Also in case you are seeing red mark next to photo in your iPhone, that red mark indicates that the photo has not been downloaded to your device yet due to some network or storage issues.
These photos are compressed (lower resolution) copy of the original image, which is stored in iCloud. It is done to save storage space on your device, enabled by the “Optimize iPhone Storage” option in Settings -> Photos. 
If you need original photo, it should be restored from iCloud, which may cause a delay. iPhone gallery Images may also appear blurry.
To get rid of the exclamation point, you need to switch the storage option (in Settings > Photos) to "Download and Keep Originals". Though, iCloud will warn you if you have sufficient storage or not. To avoid this issue ,the only easy solution then would be either to increase your iPhone storage or to deactivate your iCloud library photos.

In order to keep your photos non blurry :

to get rid of the exclamation mark you have to go into settings and click icloud. Once you click it there will be a series of options you can choose, click Photos. Once you click that, there will be two options that will say "Optimize iPhone storage" and "Download and keep originals" you will most likely be already checked off to "Optimize iPhone Storage" so you want to click "Download and keep originals." When you go back to photos whatever pops up click ignore and your photos should be all good now, non-blurry.

You can also fix this by turning off “iCloud Photo Sharing” in Settings and then turning it back on.

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