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iOS 11 bug camera roll out of order

Many iPhone users are facing issue in iOS 11 bug that Camera Roll of photos and videos reorganized and went out of order as lost chronological order. This is really annoying bug as Camera roll are messed up and old photos appears before latest photos. The problem is if you have to send photo to someone or use in some apps, you have to go through loads of pics to get to the new pics you are looking for.

How to fix iPhone camera roll photos out of order:

Fix 1: Use photo stream for loading photo
Go to Settings>Your Name>iCloud>Photos
Only select My Photo Stream. This may help to get back the photos in order.

Fix 2:Third party app

·         Use iMazing to copy /Media/Photodata/photos.sqlite to your machine
·         Open the local copy of photos.sqlite (keep a backup somewhere just in case)
·         Run query(ies) below
·         Write changes to database file (file/write changes)
·         Force quit Photos app on your phone (IMPORTANT)
·         Use iMazing to copy database file back to phone, overwrite the existing file
·         Open Photos app
Query: UPDATE zgenericasset SET zaddeddate = zdatecreated WHERE zaddeddate>0 AND zdirectory LIKE 'DCIM%'
 Just saved the file and restart your iPhone.

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