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iMessage/Facetime shows apple id instead of phone number

Many iPhone 6/7/8 and iPhone X user are facing issue with iMessage and Facetime that they can't see their phone number in iMessage and face time but it only shows apple id.
The problem is reported by many users and even after trying with tech support they are able to fix the issue. Even after resetting iMessage and Facetime settings did not help to show correct phone number in place of Apple id. 

imessage not showing phone number

This can happen if your phone number is not correctly associated with Apple id.You need to get your phone number associated with your Apple ID, than it should show phone number in iMessage.

Here in below link you have some general steps that are released by Apple to fix the issue, but many users complains that this does not help them to fix the issue:

In case this does not work for you Please try to fix iMessage not showing apple id instead phone number:
First go and check if your Apple ID account is set up with your right phone number.

Now go into your account and see under “Reachable at” that your phone number is listed. If not click on edit and add your number.

Go into ALL of your apple IOS devices in your Messages and Facetime and log out of your Apple ID.To do so:

Iphone, Ipad:
Go to Settings-> Messages and Facetime->scroll down to Send & Receive, sign out of your Apple ID.

Macbook, iMac:
Go into Messages, Preferences, Accounts and sign out of your Apple ID
After you signed out on every IOS device, go back in your iPhone, iPad, Macbook, iMac and sign in with your Apple ID in messages and Facetime.

Your devices should recognize your phone number on each device and now phone number should be there in iMessage

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