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iMessage not working on Mac Book Pro and iOS11 [Fixed]

The iPhone user after updating the iOS to latest iOS 11 are finding many new feature interesting and helpful. But at the same time many are facing issue while accessing iMessage on their mac device and Mac OSX High Sierra. The issue is that the iMessages are not appearing on Mac device, however they are received normally on iPhone and iPad devices with same apple id but not the Mac. The same setting was working fine previous to iOS11, old mac PC and even the correct accounts are shown up the setting still iMessage are not loading in mac. The imessages are not in Sync between iPhone and mac devices.


iMessage is a instant messaging service provided by Apple to its uses, which is considered a free alternative to text messages or SMS. The feature is extended to be use from mac device and iMessage on your Mac, you can send unlimited messages to any other Apple device like iPhone, iPad and iPod users who uses iMessage. But with the upgrade their iPhone or migrated to another computer many customers are facing the issue of iMessage not working on Mac.

To enable iMessage on mac devices first please try few Basic TroubleShooting tips;

- make it sure that iMessage is not disabled on your Mac. To check this open iMessages on your Mac from the top menu go to Messages > Preference > Accounts, make sure that “Enable this account” is checked.
- Force quit iMessage and reopen it
- Restart your computer
-Sign out and sign back in: This can fix the “Mac iMessage not working” issue, and for many users it has worked fine to fix the issue. Open iMessage and click on Preference, come to Accounts display, click on Sign Out and confirm it. After some time sign in with you Apple ID.

But it is very much possible that you have already done above steps and still looking out for a way to make iMessage working with mac device.

How to fix iMessage not loading on mac device

In case you have Migrated on another new computer with same mac user id, including the Keychain then, the Apple ID will not log in and you won’t receive any iMessage on the mac PC.
 This is because the Login is Device Specific as it uses the Serial Number of the Mac.
The details held in the Keychain for the IDS: yourappleID-Auth Token will hold the other Mac's serial Number and will not work. To remove this and set afresh:
-Open Keychain Access in Applications/Utilities
-Set Login top left.
-Passwords Lower Left.
-Look for the item that Starts IDS: and continues with your Apple ID followed by -Auth Token such as IDS: Token
-Delete it.
Restart Messages and it should be working with mac now.

Fix 2: Manually add iPhone number
Isolate the options on the Accounts part of iMessages on the Mac to just the apple ID
IN a New Messages manually add the iPhone Number including country code.

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