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How to stop delete message confirmation in iOS 11.3

Many iPhone users after upgrading to latest iOS 11.3 are facing a problem with message app while deleting a message conversation. The new iOS 11.3 update added a feature to message that it will now ask if you're sure you want to delete a text message/iMessage once you choose the delete option. It is possible that some users might have found these preventive steps from Apple against accidental deletion of messages but at the same time since iOS never had this option before, so many users who are in habit of deleting messages directly are finding this as really annoying.

Even when tried to find in iOS 11.3 setting, searching through the settings to remove this deletion confirmation, but does not seems that any such option exists. There is no direct way to shut off the confirmation message while deleting any message or iMessage.
When contacted to Apple support    senior tech confirmed that this is not a bug but a feature and there is no way to turn it off as of now. It could have been better if Apple had added an option to disable or enable the confirmation message to delete a conversation messages. As for some users it can be highly irritating and unnecessary.
One workaround to stop seeing the confirmation message on deleting the message is to Select the edit option in message app and than tick mark all the messages you want delete and finally delete them all together.  This way you should not see any prompt for confirmation to delete message.

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